Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Please Stand By, Polka Party In Progress

So sorry for being MIA lately but it's the biggest holiday of the year and I've been prepping like crazy! Literally!

I have yet to be home so luckily Travis is learning what it's like to eat out of the freezer or how to use those drive-through things you see attached to places like BK. Our poor house gets a good cleaning once a week if that and the laundry is screaming for some much needed attention. I feel like a horrible domesticated housewife who sits on her rear eating twinkies while the kids run around lighting off fireworks in late September. I know there's so much work that needs to get done (including homework) but getting home late every night I feel like all I want to do is relax for ten minutes before being forced to take a shower and pick up my shoes I threw in the doorway.

On another note, as much room as that last paragraph took up about my complaints I'm thankful for my time spent volunteering and wouldn't trade it for more time to clean or cook. I LOVE the kids I help and I love spending time sharing my love for my Czech heritage! To prove how much fun we have as a group of Beseda Dancer's here's a video of the kids on the way home from our nursing home visits yesterday. Exhibit A:

Great right!?!?! Hearing them scream the words at the top of their lungs just made my day! I may become a little worn down from the constant chaos but it's all worth the bags under my eyes when I see smiles on their faces and polka music coming from their loud lungs hearts. We've been practicing for almost a month straight, with four practices a week it really takes up some time not including the driving back and forth to Wilber but I know the kids enjoy it and I know Dirk and me love to encourage their love for dance and polka music. So grateful to have the opportunity to teach them and keep them involved in community events. Unlike school sponsored events these kids aren't required to come to practices or even participate so it's great seeing the kids take the time to join us.

With Czech Days quickly approaching (less than two days until the official kick-off) I must admit I will probably not be around to update you guys on what's all happening in my life. I promise once Czech Days is over I will give you a full beat down of what all went on. I love this time of year and I must admit I feel it's just as fun as Christmas but for different reasons. I love the "high" you get off the smell of kraut and dumplings mixed with pork. The sound of polka music ringing in your ears for days upon days after the festival. The sight of the town going from a small 1,700 to a much larger 40,000 in less then three days and then town going back to 1,700 by Monday morning. The cheer and happiness on everyone's faces as they sweat out every liquid they've consumed from the heat that is pounding on us giving us all sunburns. LOVE. IT. ALL!

I will be busy participating in the Alumni Band, helping with performances for the Senior Czech Beseda Dancers, going through parades, spending time hanging out with family and close friends, playing polka's at the bars, spending time celebrating being me, CZECH. But most importantly I will spend time remembering all the reason's I'm thankful for my family for encouraging me to get involved with my own community and being grateful our small town is so proud of our ancestors.

If you don't hear from me don't worry, I'll be back. If you really are interested in what's going on please come on down and "Czech" us out!! DobrĂ½ Den!! (Have a great day!)

PS- Check out the sweet t-shirt design done by our very own Bruce Beacher?! My old art teacher in high school! How cool! He always does a great job creating an awesome design for the Czech Days t-shirts.

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