Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

This week has been downright hectic and I hate it. But with hectic-ness comes thankfulness and I guess I need to open my heart to hear what it's saying and make myself aware that I've had many happy things going on.

  • The ability to keep my mouth shut when I'm ready to scream and yell, how people are so disrespectful and "shady" are beyond me but I'm really throwing up some extra thank-you's to the Lord this week for helping me with this subject
  • School for starting back up, I guess I'm thankful I can still learn right?
  • The #2 seated team for thinking we're a joke and allowing us to win one set last night at volleyball!
  • Finishing up a couple of my 101 in 1001 to-do's
  • My mom for words of encouragement in times of frustration
  • Travis for doing dishes and making supper on the days I'm not at home
  • New haircut giving me a new look on my body image and what I think of myself (dumb but it's true)
  • Teen Mom and The Real World for giving me a reality check
  • The bank for keeping my money safe
  • Scentsy Team Meetings for giving me a girls day away
  • Bruises, it must mean I'm working hard enough to damage my body
  • A party order being sent in for Scentsy
  • Baby shower planning almost being completed
  • The Lord for giving me peace within in times of stress and confusion
  • My garden for being understanding while I'm away
  • Czech Days for approaching, the anticipation is killing me
  • Friends to surround myself with that give me a positive attitude
  • My bestie guy friend for helping to prep the baby shower decor and get the last minute items done
  • Link-Ups for helping me to find more followers and meet new people
  • Beseda Practice for giving me my dose of dancing and teaching


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