Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

I know the weeks will slow down and my normal life will return but until then I'll continue to pray for patience and ask the Lord to lift the stress of feeling overwhelmed off of my shoulders. Just like every other hectic situation in my life this too shall pass.

  • GroupMe App for keeping my informed about Scentsy Convention since I couldn't attend
  • The forecast for giving us a glimpse of hope with rain in the near future
  • Travis for picking up after me, helping cook dinner and even helping with homework when asked his opinion
  • Kids listening when we attend events for Beseda Dancing, thankfully I didn't have to call them down too many times
  • Dad for encouraging me to promote my love for my heritage 
  • Mom for being an awesome seamstress and spoiling me with new Czech outfits whenever they're needed
  • The Beseda Dancer kids I get to spend four nights a week with, they're all so much fun!
  • A happy puppy whose always excited to see me when I come home
  • Subway giftcards :)
  • Thankful for one last fun Thursday of volleyball league, it's been great ladies
  • Polka music playing in downtown Wilber
  • My teacher for giving me almost perfect grades, love getting 98 and 99% on my assignments
  • The weather for giving us rain and cooler weather
  • Warm shower to clean sand and dirt off of me
  • Staying busy and keeping my mind off of the stresses I know are still around me
  • CZECH DAYS fastly approaching

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