Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weekend Review

These past few weeks have literally flown by! I've been super busy with the Senior Czech Dancing Beseda Group and loving every minute of it! We've had practices four days a week since the beginning of August so I've been committing a ton of time driving to and from Wilber but watching the kids transform from barely able to keep a beat or two-step to watching them grow into wonderful polka dancer's who want to dance more and more is the most rewarding feeling. I will admit it can be tiresome teaching that many days a week for a month straight but I know that it's now show-time for us so it's exciting to see the kids share their talent with everyone else. Just think, exactly one week from now we will see the Budweiser trucks rolling into town "rolling out the barrels" of beer, we'll hear polka's playing on our sound system downtown and we'll start to see campers taking their claims along main street and in the park. It seems like each year Czech Days creeps up on us. Before you know it we'll have Polka's In The Park, Alumni Band Family Night and then the Annual Czech Festival will be in full swing!

Also, this past week was filled with the Saline County Fair. Travis is such a great volunteer so every year he helps to run the scraper blade tractor for the Tractor Pull and Figure 8 Race. We of course love spending time together and as if we don't spend enough time together in a tractor we go somewhere else to do it also. The Tractor Pulls are always great and my bff's boyfriend actually helps his dad with a pulling tractor. Best part, he won the show! Then the next night while watching the Figure 8 Race we were excited to cheer on Trav's brother and watch him take home a win! Again, congrats Tyler, it's so awesome to see you winning races we all knew you'd do great when you focus on it. You're constantly trying to improve the car and your driving skills and now it's all starting to pay off! What great shows put on both nights by people we know!

At the fair Spring Creek Repair (SCR), Travis' business, also had a booth set up so we spent plenty of time there. Darin his uncle and the other partner in the business always does great with PR work and reaching out to talk to potential new customers. They put together a float to go through the parade and we were lucky enough to have the City of Crete snap a couple shots of me and Travis together! I'm proud of him for working non-stop but I do with he'd come home more often. None-the-less it's great to spend time with Travis' family and Darin's a pretty cool guy (but don't tell him I told you). My dad's Kelly and Bob also joined us for the little parade so as always we had fun and joked around a lot.

To throw a little added time consuming project to the list, we're back in school and I'm only a few weeks into the Summer Quarter of classes. This time I have chosen to only take one class but the class is a challenge in itself. I'm having a difficult time trying to set time aside to focus on just homework because when I get home at 10:30 every night all I want to do is relax for a little bit. Poor Travis has been suffering eating frozen foods or take out food because I haven't been around to cook. I'm so lucky to have a guy who is tolerant and doesn't complain. :)

Another shot taken but this time we got more of the crew in the photo (Darin & Dad)

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