Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

Well, life's always busy I'm realizing. Here lately although I know I have a hectic life I have decided to take on a couple new things. I'll keep you posted but here's the weekly list! 

  • The opportunity to be asked to help with the youth group program (this really means a lot to me!)
  • My newest goal of hitting an 11 minute and some odd seconds mile! I'm so close to hitting my goal finally
  • Starbucks Frappuccino drinks from my grocery store in the basement
  • My new partner in crime Dolly for being the cutest little bucket calf to date, she follows us around the yard like a little puppy, we love it ;)
  • My "grocery store" full of food, although we may look at it and complain that we have nothing to eat, in reality, the food we have would last some families a year if they were living off of no money
  • A busy scheduled life, it can be stressful but right now I feel on top of the world
  • Pinterest for saving all of my visions in cute little boards (my OCD-ness loves this!)
  • New potential recruits for Scentsy, we always love growing our team
  • Nike shorts and Adidas tennis shoes for being comforting 
  • Travis' playful phone conversations
  • Our cute little puppy Dolly, her personality cracks us up
  • The chance to go to the state fair and play for dignitaries
  • Interest in another Fall/Winter craft show from vendors, can't wait to do more
  • Shrek cup from McDonald's (yes I know they're recalled but I still use them, I can't help it I love them!)
  • Scentsy mailings for coming back with some business, I might just do more mailings

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Update to: #30 from 101 in 1001

Ok, so here was my previous post about my 101 in 1001 goal. My goal was: #30. New running shoes. Well, I wore them around awhile only to realize a couple things, A. They weren't comfy, B. They were too small, C. They weren't meant for gravel road running workouts and D. I didn't really love the colors....

So, I kindly asked the sales associate if I could return them a couple weeks later. She said absolutely with no questions asked and I ended up taking them back to exchange them for these instead.

Yup, these bad girls are my new favs! I LOVE THEM! They're super comfy, they fit great and they're trail shoes meaning they actually work pretty nifty on gravel roads. I've never been a major Adidas fan but these are kind of nice. They're roomy and don't hug my feet too much. What do you guys think? Like the new shoes?!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Nebraska State Fair

What an experience it was to be able to play at the Nebraska State Fair with the Alumni Band! It was so neat to see all the familiar faces show up and play. We always have fun together with our small little group of
travelers but to see 79 attend made us sound HUGE!

We got there just as they started playing their first song at the bandstand area and so we jumped in to play a couple numbers. Another Czech band showed up so us Alumni members set our instruments down so we could dance a couple polka's then picked our instruments to finish off with a couple songs. After the short little burst of playing we walked down to the beer garden, had a few drinks and played a song or two for the Budweiser crew. We headed over to the beef barn bar and played a song or two for them also. Then, it was parade time! We grabbed our flags and walked over to line-up. We were kind of excited to play in a parade and hearing our band play a few numbers beforehand helped to pep us up even more! It was misty the whole day but that didn't dampen our spirits any. The parade was so much fun! We ended up heading back to the beef barn bar after the parade for a song or two and a couple drinks then we headed home.

I think my favorite part of our traveling band is my fellow "Bohemian Stooges" I love our little inside joke and the fact that we have Randy in on our group is even better! He makes it so much fun for us, we love him! I'm so thankful I have had the opportunity to use my trumpeting (if that's even a word) and flag skills after I left Wilber-Clatonia School systems. I hated band in school but now it's a great excuse to get together with other nerds and play while making life long memories with people I otherwise, would have never got to know.

"Czech" out these photos of us! We look awesome! Oh, and did I mention we were on the news?! Here's a link to the news clip, it's on 10/11 News!! We actually made a news clip!! How exciting for us :)

Here's the "Bohemian Stooges"
Larry (Shelby), Curly (Randy), & Moe (me)

Posed "Family Photo" hehe

Here's our bag full of instruments that we carried around

Photo by Steve Talarico

Look at those flaggers go!
Photo by Kim Sasek

The trumpeteers doing their thing
Photo by Kim Sasek

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Farming On The Four's

A lot has been going on here lately so I'll do a quick update of it all in bold style format just to keep my thoughts separated. ;)

Crops: It'll be interesting to see how all of the crops turn out this year. We have been spoiled the past couple years so this year will give us a reality check and show the nation just how harsh a bad year can damage farm operations. The loss of a crop can really start a domino affect and it'll be interesting to see if anyone has to file bankruptcy or if there will be more land for sale due to lack of crops to pay off farm notes.
Beans- there are none... The pods are on the plants but the pods are mostly empty, meaning no beans to take to town, meaning no Christmas presents for Kelsey.
Corn- there is some but not very much. The crop yields are showing a much lower bu/ac average than anticipated and even the irrigated ground is having trouble producing good yields.

Cows: We've calving and we're about half way through the fall calving season! My new chore is when I get home from work I go change, jump on the four-wheeler and check cattle for any new calves and then go running. Once I'm done running I typically do my cardio workout or sit down to work on homework. Check out these cute photos of babies we had over the past week. There's a super cute one I really want to keep but I need to get a shot of him to share with you guys first! We've got about 18 left to calve and then we're done. Hopefully sooner than later they choose to calf beings we're getting within weeks of starting harvest now.

Travis went with me yesterday to check on the other pasture that we have the mama and babies in. Once they calve we move them to the other pasture so we can keep how many still needing to calve separate, less time spent trying to figure out who still needs to calve and whose missing their babies. So while checking the other pasture we noticed the mama of the twins only had one calf with her. We searched for a little bit and then we drove by a little thicket of tree limbs only to discover the little baby just taking a little nap in there. We got her up and made sure mama found her and then went on to find all the other pairs. Watching the babies jump around and kick in the air is just the cutest thing ever!! I have such a love/hate relationship with cattle, I love them because they're well mannered (most of the time) but I hate them because it means we cannot go on vacations for any length of time longer than one day because they depend on us to take care of them.

Bucket Calf: We have a new little one on the farm. Her mom couldn't supply milk to her because her nipples got hard and wouldn't product milk.(dirty sounding I know hehe) We tried to use the mama who lost her baby and supplement her hoping the new mommy would take her role as a step-mom but she wanted no part in it and would constantly try to kick the lil babe. So, our little tradition is letting me name the first bucket calf of the season! This year's little fall calf-er's name, DOLLY! Yes, as in Dolly Parton my fav singer. Here's a picture of the cute little jewel.

Gardening: My garden doesn't look too shabby. I picked some more tomatoes this week and gave them to a friend at girl's night and Travis is wanting to pick the jalapeno's and try to pickle them. If anyone has a good pickling recipe I'd love to try it! Other than tomatoes and pepper's that's all my garden really has left. I see through the weeds I've got a couple of cucumbers growing so let's hope (and pray) that I'll get a couple of cucumbers from the mess of weeds. I love cucumbers so much and I really wish I would have taken the time to add a cattle panel for them to crawl up.

This past Saturday was a busy day filled with mostly cattle work. We started out by picking up all of the panels out of a pasture by the farm so we could move them to another pasture to catch some cattle. We're planning on moving them back home here this week sometime. So, picked up all the panels, moved them to the other pasture, then re-set up all of the panels to create a catch-pen in hopes the cattle will come to the yard. Once we finished that up we ended up going back to the farm and sorted off the spring calves from their mommies. It's weaning time meaning babies cry for mama's and mommies bawl while trying to get to their calves. It's a horribly loud process and it goes on for a couple days but the youngin's learn to get over it and stop whining after awhile. It was quite the event I tell ya!

Until the next four, which is quickly approaching, enjoy the warm days and have fun with your family! One of my favorite things about Farming on the Four's is that it reminds me how much hard work goes into keeping the farm operating.

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Freebie Friday

This week (like every other week) flew by and I barely had time to snap a shot of all my goodies! Friday's are kind of a horrible day for me to religiously post because it seems Friday nights are usually busy but I enjoy giving you a weekly update so you can see what I all get for the whole week. Here goes!

  • Venus razor
  • Venus razor cartridge coupons
  • TWO Nescafe Momento Mocha Coffee drink mix-in's
  • FREE Oscar Meyer Bacon or hot dog coupons (again!)
  • A handful of samples of different types of syrup's
  • Coupons for syrup's
  • Sample of lotion
  • Olay skin tightening lotion
  • FREE Nivea lip care prodcuts (again)
  • Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups
  • Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups coupons
  • Jergens lotion
  • Jergens lotion coupon
I didn't get a chance to get a grocery list put together because Friday is my usual shopping day and I was at the State Fair on Friday. I'm hoping to get a list together and shopping done tonight or tomorrow! Will update you with it when I do get the shopping done :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

Life is finally slowing down enough that I feel I'm back in control again. So without further ado, here's my weekly list of fuzzy happy feelings.

  • Scentsy Corporate for listening to me and giving a consultant whose a crook the low-down (I really hope she gets her selling privileges taken away!!)
  • The ability to run a mile, a whole mile, without stopping
  • Sworkit & Workout Trainer Apps for pushing me to workout and not just run for my exercising routines
  • Fundamentals of Insurance homework for being super easy this past week, now let's hope I do good on my test!
  • The bank for protecting my money (a little too much) but finally unblocking my card, thank goodness they protected my account but it was just me wanting my money not someone else
  • Blender Bottle for encouraging me to attempt to drink more water
  • My body for not giving up on my and my running attempt
  • New kitties on the farm
  • The sun for shining every morning onto the earth
  • God's creatures, the wild turkey's by the yard had about 14 babies with them this morning
  • The calves that are prancing around happily in the pen
  • The dog not barking last night
  • NEW SHOES (again) 
  • Mom & sister bonding time, we love to get supper together once in awhile (but only if mom pays)
  • Scentsy business for picking up after a couple of slow summer months
  • Coups for freebies (I know I keep repeating this but I love them!)
  • Anticipation of the Women Of Faith conference coming up
  • Calm beautiful evenings to enjoy God's gorgeous sunsets on the farm

Beef Stuffed Crescent Rolls

So the idea was inspired by Six Sisters' Stuff recipe I found but I really wanted to do something more with it.  I decided since these were basically Runza's without the rest of the fillings I'd change it even more to include some veggies. I choose to add in jalapenos, peppers and onions and also shredded cheese. I think next time I'll try doing cubed cheese chunks instead though. We also tried garlic crescent rolls and they turned out pretty good! Here's the recipe:

1 lb ground beef
1-2 diced jalapenos (depending on taste)
1/2 cup diced onion
1/2 cup diced green pepper
1 cup shredded cheese
1 pkg cream cheese
1/4 tsp ground cumin
1/4 tsp chili powder
2-3 tubes of refrigerated crescent rolls

Brown the hamburger and add the jalapenos, onion and green pepper. Then add in the cream cheese and when it has cooled slightly add in the shredded cheese. Next separate the crescent rolls into triangles. Place about one teaspoon full of the mixture into the crescent roll and roll up then fold ends over and place on cookie sheet. Place the open side down so they don't fall apart while rising in the oven and cook at 375 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown. Serve warm. Yields about 2 dozen.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scentsy Samples

Quick post but would like to see how much feedback I receive to determine if I post more about Scentsy on my personal blog. I'm going to be sending out my September Scent of the Month samples and was wondering how many (if any) of you would be interested in trying out the new scent?

This month's scent will be Caramel Pear Crisp. The description: Perfectly ripe pear and juicy nectarine blanketed in a brown sugar rust and topped with a dollop of warm caramel cream.

The warmer of the month will be Pumpkin. Stroll through rows of plump pumpkins as leaves make a satisfying crunch under your feet. Pick Pumpkin- it's the best in the patch! This bewitching warmer looks ready to be carved into the ultimate jack-o-lantern with a glossy, reactive glaze that pops in autumn orange.

Also, September first marks many other new exciting things with Scentsy! They will be releasing their new scented greeting cards line Sincerely Scent and also have a new Fall/Winter Catalog launch. I have catalogs ready to go if anyone is wanting to check out the new items! Let me know if you're interested in either!

If you're interested please either leave a comment or send me a quick message with your mailing address so I can get your sample ready to send out! I will be mailing samples out on Friday!

Women of Faith

Oh my goodness! I'm super super SUPER excited that Women of Faith (WOF) will be back in Kansas City again this year. If you're a friend of mine on fbook you saw I posted this picture last year.

It was a picture from one of the worship teams that went out on stage to get us excited and ready to open our hearts and minds to praise God for all the glories he has given us. This year the same location has been choose and as much as I'd LOVE to travel to Des Moines, IA to get the experience somewhere else I'm kind of glad we're going back to the same location we went to last year. Hopefully everything will be a bit more familiar to us that way and we won't get lost.

This year's theme is Celebrate What Matters. Here's the little bio about the event I pulled from the website,
"We all experience good times and bad days, triumphs and tragedies. But no matter what life throws at you, this is what matters: God loves YOU. (Always has. Always will.) You’re invited to be part of a very special celebration. Compelling stories, Bible-based teaching, world-class music, unstoppable inspiration, and a few surprises combine for an experience like no other. God loves you! And that means there is always a reason to celebrate." <--- Yup, that pretty much sums up what my weekend will be filled with!!

When I was younger I went to a couple of the Revolve Tour shows that are centered more for teens so when I found out that WOF was for the adult version of people like me I got excited. I used to go with other teens from surrounding churches and then we'd go and visit churches in big cities. After mom asked if I was interested in going to the WOF ones, I got extremely excited! Me and mom rarely get to have a girls weekend so this was a great experience that I was glad to take on with my mom. 

If anyone is interested in joining us we'd love to have you come along! Hotels typically need to be booked a little bit earlier so we'd like to know by the beginning of October if at all possible. If we get ten or more people to go ticket prices also drop. The ticket prices are around $100ish so they're extremely reasonable and well worth the money! There's more info on the website site Women of Faith for this specific location but if you go to the events tab you can see where else they're located at. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekend Review

What a fun weekend! I cannot express in words how much fun we had Friday evening with friends, we decided to have a four-wheeler cruise night around the countryside and I must insist that we do it more often!   It was so nice to enjoy each others company and be stuck together on the same four-wheeler while cruising around. We rarely if ever get time to just hang out and do nothing so for me it was an added bonus to hang out and do nothing TOGETHER! We had about six of us that went out that evening, raised a little heck, stopped at a neighbors house and then cruised on back to the farm.

There the boys got adventurous and decided to see if they could make it through the pond. As you can tell by the picture they made it half way through the pond before getting stuck. So the second four-wheeler jumped in to save him, but he too got stuck. So the side-by-side saved them both. But that didn't stop the fun, then we all "jumped" in and took the rest of the four-wheeler's through the pond. Travis got daring and didn't want to use four wheel drive so we of course got stuck. So, imagine me, all freaking out because I don't want my brand new phone to be soaked so there I am, standing on top of the four-wheeler trying to get away from the water, Trav telling me to get on the front to help move the weight to try to get more traction, me attempting to gracefully move myself to the front of the four-wheeler (trying to step over him but not completely fall off) while still holding my phone above my head being careful not to fall or drop the phone, Travis telling me to hurry up, me explaining why I'm being slow, Matt tossing us a winch to hook up, me trying not to fall of the four-wheeler into the pond while hooking the winch up, (while Travis is holding onto my belt loop to keep me from falling) and everyone sitting at the bank watching us and laughing. Yes, it did happen but no I did not think it was funny. We made it to shore only in time for Trav to lock in the four-wheel-drive and then we took off across the pond a couple more times. What a fun night, dusty but fun! I'm still finding dust in cracks and behind my ears from the gravel roads but it was well worth it. The chilly 60 degree weather we had made for an interesting 2am drive home, the six short miles felt like we were on our way to Timbuktu and back it was sooo cold!

Saturday was filled with house cleaning and homework, then we went to celebrate a marriage of friends. They wedding was gorgeous and they had so many over the top cute favors for guests. I was so excited to see all my Wilber buddies that I don't get to see as often. I danced the night away with them and we laughed and had a blast like always. I had to take a moment to reminisce and think about how less than ten years ago we were doing the same thing, except we were at high school dances and we all refused to dance with each other but instead made fun of all the couples who were slow dancing together. Funny how times change and people evolve (and alcohol frees our dancing spirits) and now we all enjoy spending time jamming out to loud tunes. The DJ closed down by midnight so we had just enough time to run to the bar and have a quick drink with friends I never get to see. One quick drink and it was time to ding-dong-ditch the boys! Thanks to Mitchell for leaving the back door unlocked we stopped by his house quick then on the Birkett's. Luckily Justin had snacks for us, Popsicle's and sweet & sour bread & butter pickles. Justin knows what good food is I tell ya!

Sunday was homework day, I usually dread Sunday's because they're dedicated to doing nothing but sitting in front of my laptop doing insurance homework but it needs to be done. We were invited to Travis' cousin's birthday party so it was nice to get out of the house for awhile and celebrate a new 16 year old on the road. I also pawned off some of my tomatoes onto people so lucky for them I have no fresh ones sitting at home. I'm glad they went to a great home where someone will put them to use and actually enjoy them.

Overall the weekend was kind of eventful but that's ok, sometimes having a hectic weekend keeps you from sitting on the couch too much.

Monday, August 20, 2012

#30 from 101 in 1001

30. New running shoes

I did it, I bit the bullet and bought myself a new pair of running shoes. I literally haven't bought new tennis shoes since high school. I mean, yes I buy a new pair of white shoes once a year and wear them for Czech Days but other than that, I rarely buy myself anything new. I keep telling myself I've got fifteen pair of shoes at home and don't need another pair until mine are worn out. I have heard rumors that the Nike Shox are bad shoes for people with knee and back problems so I keep convincing myself that it's ok to get rid of my four pair but haven't done so yet. Maybe since I now have a new pair of shoes I'll purge the old ones and limit myself to only two pair of Shox?! So what do you think of the newbies? Sweet? Bright colored of course. I'm not sure how I feel about the colors but I needed to go out on a limb and felt this would be perfect for the popular neon colored outfits that are stylish right now. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Freebie Friday

I've finally gotten time to take my picture of the freebies at home! Enjoy :)

This week a ton of coupons came in the mail. Items I've received include:
  • FREE Edy's Ice Cream
  • Purina Cat Chow cat food
  • WEN hair conditioner
  • BIC permanent marker 
  • $2 coupon for BIC permanent marker
  • FREE package of Oscar Meyer hot dogs or bacon
  • Pampers diaper coupons
  • Pampers formula coupons
  • FREE Pampers wipes coupons
  • Kit's Organic Fruit & Nut bar
  • FREE Kit's Organic Fruit & Nut bar coupon
  • FREE Nivea Lip Care Product coupon
  • FREE Bath & Body Works product up to $10 value
  • $1 coupon for Kotex products
  • FREE Treseme Shampoo product coupon
  • Kotex tampon sample
  • Kotex liner sample
  • Kotex clutch
  • Lotion samples
  • Facial towel samples
  • Face cleanser samples
  • Mornings wet cat food can
  • Mornings wet cat food coupons

Little couponing update also. I'm bad about showing you guys my product match-ups because I've been super busy this summer and haven't had time to sit down and do my weekly trips. The items inside the black box are my most recent trip (as you can tell by the 8/8/12 date). Not horrible, my average savings this time around was 46% so I was impressed. No I'm not up to the 100% savings level yet but I did catch a couple of freebies and those always make me feel like I'm winning! Within the past four months alone I've had over $90 in coupons and have saved at least $125. That alone is awesome!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

Life is finally slowing down enough that I feel I'm back in control again. So without further ado, here's my weekly list of fuzzy happy feelings.

  • Friends who share with me that they love my blog and want me to continue it (shout out to you Lisa!)
  • God's grace and wisdom of whispering in my ear that I should give to those in need 
  • Facebook for making it easier for me to sell unwanted clothes
  • Me having the ability to learn to let go and sell unused items, I need to purge my over flowing closet!
  • Verizon for sending us a super huge bill and not telling us all the "rules" of the new contract, I guess we're thankful we have the money to pay the bill...
  • Great Western for storing my money that I want to spend
  • Mother Nature for giving us a break and making up for the hot summer days/nights she gave us thus far
  • My besties; Loretta, Dolly, Patsy, Patty, Deana, Reba, Faith, Shania and Taylor for helping to encourage me to be awesome and help me to see I will never be a famous singer.
  • My garden for giving me onions and potatoes, even though I was doubtful anything was left out there
  • My grocery store in my basement for giving me ample choices of snacks and meals to create
  • Travis' playful-ness that reminds me why I love that booger
  • A good book to get lost in
  • My hammock and the breeze
  • Suntans.... not sunburns
  • Pop tarts for a quick breakfast
  • My 101 in 1001 list for holding me accountable and not putting on things I want to do for me
  • My blog readers, I love hearing from each and every one of you
  • God for giving me the encouragement to speak on his behalf and spread his word
  • Comments on my posts/blog

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Book Club Update

Quick post letting you guys know I updated my "Book Club" page at the top. I've actually finished a book (finally) and wanted to fill you in on it. I'm kind of behind on letting you guys know but I'm over half way done with the new book also. Annnd, I've finished book #6 of the year!! I'm almost half way through my list of the goal of 15 in one year! Yay me! :)

I also ordered some FREE BOOKS from Barnes & Noble after I redeemed my rewards from Swagbucks. Both are super easy to earn from, just make sure you stay active daily or as often as you can.  On Swagbucks I earn a $10 gift card about every other month depending on how active I am. I'm pretty good about logging on daily to get the easy points and if you follow the Facebook page, SwagCodez, they're pretty good about posting the freebie codes that can get you extra points. I would consider myself not very active at getting points except for the freebies and the occasional survey (which gets you millions of points). Simple. Easy. Fun. Rewarding.

I know it doesn't give me too much extra help but it gives me enough help to get free books and other stuff cheap. I usually redeem the gift cards for Amazon or Wal-Mart because I'm always needing something from those two places but there's millions of choices to choose from. As of right now my goal is to save up the points from here until Christmas time and redeem them for gift cards to give away as presents to family and friends. Can you say free Christmas presents meaning less financial stress over the holiday season?!

I'm super excited about my next book!! It's part of my Yada Yada series but it's a whole new character's perspective on the story line. I cannot wait to read the new book and then inform you guys of what will come. Lucy Comes Home by Neta Jackson I'm sure won't let me down and I see that in November the second book of this series (SouledOut Sisters Novels) will be released. I really hope these writers never quit because then I'll have to find other books to get into and read.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farming On The Four's

I'm baaaack! Sorry I skipped out on the 4th, Czech Days had seniority.

A ton has been happening these past couple weeks and I'm not quite sure how I'll be able to fill you in on all of it but I guess I'll start with the silage pile we created... Yup, quite cool right? We chopped about ___ acres of corn to create into silage to use this winter to feed cattle with. You typically chop corn silage when the corn is still green so it can hold more of it's nutrients compared to the brown, dried out corn you would harvest and take to CO-OP. The University of Illinois Extension gives a great summary of corn silage and you can let them go into detail if you really feel like reading up about it. We choose to store ours under plastic with tires thrown on top to keep the plastic held down. The field we chopped was about 8 bushels per acre, meaning that if we were to have waiting and harvested the corn out of that field we would have probably not made much if any profit off of it. Normal dry land corn bushels per acre in our area can range from about 86 to 120 depending on the conditions and rainfall. Here's a cool map I found with the Nebraska Dryland Bu/Ac Yield in 2011. Notice how the further east you go the better the yields? That's because they've got the great amazing black dirt that's super fertile and it has a great water source from the Missouri River.

Everything else on the farm is super dry and dry land crops are now at the point where they're dead and there's no coming back. We had someone near us start combining their dry land corn a couple days ago with 18% moisture so it looks like harvest may be approaching much faster than anticipated for our area. Here's the Journal Star article about it if you'd like to read more!

There was also a really bad field fire a couple miles away this past week. It burned about fifty acres of farm ground. It started when a bearing went out while they were bailing hay and it took of from there. Travis was actually approaching the fire just as the Dorchester Fire Dept was getting there so he was an honorary firefighter that afternoon. He ran home to go hook up the disk on the tractor and went back out to help disk the ground around the fire to ensure that it wouldn't get into the neighboring fields. Luckily they got the fire under control after four other fire deparments came to help them. Here is the Journal Star article about the fire that happened near Dorchester.

Look at all my goodies I collected! Yes, it's true. I finally took time to tackle my weed garden!!

I was quite surprised to find actual produce in there because I assumed the weeds had taken over it all but sure enough, I found tons and tons of tomatoes, potatoes, kohlrabi and onions.

Here's my cute little flats of onions I got lucky and found in the weed patch. I dug around for awhile but eventually we got fed up with trying to find rows so we took the lawn mower to the garden and took out the weeds. It was really manageable to dig down to find these little guys once we did that, should have just started by doing that in the first place I guess. There's more out there but my legs and back were killing me after I got to these guys so I choose to save those for another day. Until then I'm planning on trying this Pinterest inspired idea and seeing if it works! (wish me luck)

Did I mention my Jalapeno plant has survived against all odds and is loaded with cute lil spicy treats!? Yes, indeed it is true, it's got handful's of those little guys all over it and now I need to find a use for all of them besides for salsa, I want to try using some fresh ones somehow. The red and green peppers in the flat on the right are my jalapeno peppers, surprised at how awesome they turned out!

Oh, and check out those kohlrabi!! That one is just HUGE! If anyone's in need of kohlrabi or has ideas on how to cook/use it please send them to me. I only know of raw kohlrabi with salt sprinkled on it so anything would be worth a try. Also, check out all those cute little cherry tomatoes I picked up. I'm not a fan of any tomatoes but they're too cute, I'll probably end up giving them to Dan & Joan to munch on.

I got to work clearing some of the extra shoots on my tomato plants then pruned them so they weren't growing all over the place and falling out of their cages. I figured it'd help to give those that were already growing a better chance at surviving knowing they can collect more of the energy and plant food sources. Some of these bad boys were starting to get too ripe but I thought that I'd pick them and just toss them if needed. We were planning on canning that following night so it really wouldn't have been a big deal. I only planted thirteen tomato plants in hopes of getting a decent crop so I could can a little bit but mom on the other hand planted thirty-two plants! THIRTY-TWO!? That's just nuts if you ask me. But then again, she's got a garden I'm super envious of, her rows are all straight, she's got it all mulched to perfection and her watering system works great for her. Yup, she has my dream garden...

And last but certainly not least, my potatoes. Look at them! I'm so proud of them of these babies! I was disappointed earlier this year because I watered like crazy and then the plants started to just die off. I thought it was something I did wrong so I gave up on them and assumed nothing actually grew. I went to move some straw after we mowed that area of the garden and low and behold, there was a tiny potato near the surface. I got excited and started to dig and up came another, and then another. I dug up two rows worth of these babies and I'm excited to announce I am now a potato farmer! If anyone has any storage ideas I'd love tips and tricks from seasoned professionals. This will be the first year we're going to try to keep potatoes so what our plan of attack will be is that we'll put them in the storage shed outside. Aren't they supposed to go in dark, dry places anyways?! I've learned that next year I will for sure plant more than two rows of potatoes, I'm not sure how long these will last us but with grilling in full swing I promise we won't make it very far with my small crop.

I'm so proud of my gardening skills this year thus far. I know a lot of my veggies were a flop but with the month of July always so busy with Beseda practice four days a week and homework along with summer activities my poor garden always gets neglected. Luckily for me, this year the plants didn't give up hope on me completely and left me with some produce to store and use later on.

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