Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Book Club Update

Quick post letting you guys know I updated my "Book Club" page at the top. I've actually finished a book (finally) and wanted to fill you in on it. I'm kind of behind on letting you guys know but I'm over half way done with the new book also. Annnd, I've finished book #6 of the year!! I'm almost half way through my list of the goal of 15 in one year! Yay me! :)

I also ordered some FREE BOOKS from Barnes & Noble after I redeemed my rewards from Swagbucks. Both are super easy to earn from, just make sure you stay active daily or as often as you can.  On Swagbucks I earn a $10 gift card about every other month depending on how active I am. I'm pretty good about logging on daily to get the easy points and if you follow the Facebook page, SwagCodez, they're pretty good about posting the freebie codes that can get you extra points. I would consider myself not very active at getting points except for the freebies and the occasional survey (which gets you millions of points). Simple. Easy. Fun. Rewarding.

I know it doesn't give me too much extra help but it gives me enough help to get free books and other stuff cheap. I usually redeem the gift cards for Amazon or Wal-Mart because I'm always needing something from those two places but there's millions of choices to choose from. As of right now my goal is to save up the points from here until Christmas time and redeem them for gift cards to give away as presents to family and friends. Can you say free Christmas presents meaning less financial stress over the holiday season?!

I'm super excited about my next book!! It's part of my Yada Yada series but it's a whole new character's perspective on the story line. I cannot wait to read the new book and then inform you guys of what will come. Lucy Comes Home by Neta Jackson I'm sure won't let me down and I see that in November the second book of this series (SouledOut Sisters Novels) will be released. I really hope these writers never quit because then I'll have to find other books to get into and read.

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