Friday, August 24, 2012

Farming On The Four's

A lot has been going on here lately so I'll do a quick update of it all in bold style format just to keep my thoughts separated. ;)

Crops: It'll be interesting to see how all of the crops turn out this year. We have been spoiled the past couple years so this year will give us a reality check and show the nation just how harsh a bad year can damage farm operations. The loss of a crop can really start a domino affect and it'll be interesting to see if anyone has to file bankruptcy or if there will be more land for sale due to lack of crops to pay off farm notes.
Beans- there are none... The pods are on the plants but the pods are mostly empty, meaning no beans to take to town, meaning no Christmas presents for Kelsey.
Corn- there is some but not very much. The crop yields are showing a much lower bu/ac average than anticipated and even the irrigated ground is having trouble producing good yields.

Cows: We've calving and we're about half way through the fall calving season! My new chore is when I get home from work I go change, jump on the four-wheeler and check cattle for any new calves and then go running. Once I'm done running I typically do my cardio workout or sit down to work on homework. Check out these cute photos of babies we had over the past week. There's a super cute one I really want to keep but I need to get a shot of him to share with you guys first! We've got about 18 left to calve and then we're done. Hopefully sooner than later they choose to calf beings we're getting within weeks of starting harvest now.

Travis went with me yesterday to check on the other pasture that we have the mama and babies in. Once they calve we move them to the other pasture so we can keep how many still needing to calve separate, less time spent trying to figure out who still needs to calve and whose missing their babies. So while checking the other pasture we noticed the mama of the twins only had one calf with her. We searched for a little bit and then we drove by a little thicket of tree limbs only to discover the little baby just taking a little nap in there. We got her up and made sure mama found her and then went on to find all the other pairs. Watching the babies jump around and kick in the air is just the cutest thing ever!! I have such a love/hate relationship with cattle, I love them because they're well mannered (most of the time) but I hate them because it means we cannot go on vacations for any length of time longer than one day because they depend on us to take care of them.

Bucket Calf: We have a new little one on the farm. Her mom couldn't supply milk to her because her nipples got hard and wouldn't product milk.(dirty sounding I know hehe) We tried to use the mama who lost her baby and supplement her hoping the new mommy would take her role as a step-mom but she wanted no part in it and would constantly try to kick the lil babe. So, our little tradition is letting me name the first bucket calf of the season! This year's little fall calf-er's name, DOLLY! Yes, as in Dolly Parton my fav singer. Here's a picture of the cute little jewel.

Gardening: My garden doesn't look too shabby. I picked some more tomatoes this week and gave them to a friend at girl's night and Travis is wanting to pick the jalapeno's and try to pickle them. If anyone has a good pickling recipe I'd love to try it! Other than tomatoes and pepper's that's all my garden really has left. I see through the weeds I've got a couple of cucumbers growing so let's hope (and pray) that I'll get a couple of cucumbers from the mess of weeds. I love cucumbers so much and I really wish I would have taken the time to add a cattle panel for them to crawl up.

This past Saturday was a busy day filled with mostly cattle work. We started out by picking up all of the panels out of a pasture by the farm so we could move them to another pasture to catch some cattle. We're planning on moving them back home here this week sometime. So, picked up all the panels, moved them to the other pasture, then re-set up all of the panels to create a catch-pen in hopes the cattle will come to the yard. Once we finished that up we ended up going back to the farm and sorted off the spring calves from their mommies. It's weaning time meaning babies cry for mama's and mommies bawl while trying to get to their calves. It's a horribly loud process and it goes on for a couple days but the youngin's learn to get over it and stop whining after awhile. It was quite the event I tell ya!

Until the next four, which is quickly approaching, enjoy the warm days and have fun with your family! One of my favorite things about Farming on the Four's is that it reminds me how much hard work goes into keeping the farm operating.

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  1. I know that life on a farm is very hard work but it does sound and appear so charming...especially when you see such a lovely calf.

  2. Dolly is indeed a cutie!


  3. Dolly's a sweet little calf.

  4. Oh I understand the cattle thing love hate is right but in time you will learn to do both. We run 70 head right now and we have it worked out that I can go always if I need to. OK that is usually alone but we can manage a couple of nights away if we want. it is nice to have helpful neighbours.
    We are in the process of probably selling almost 45 as we do not have enough hay to get through a Canadian winter. Yes love hate but I hate this more.
    Love your pics. Good luck on the rest of your calving. B

  5. I found your blog through Farmgirl your bottle baby! We are on a dairy farm in PA. I enjoy hearing about farming in other parts of the country. I've been hearing so many stories about how dry it's been in the midwest this summer. I just can't imagine the stress that must create.

  6. Kelsey
    I am a Nebraska Czech girl too! I grew up around South Central Nebraska and Mom grew up in eastern Nebraska.

    I was home last weekend and was amazed at how dry it is. I knew things were dry, but I didn't realize how dry.

    I stayed home from the town job to precondition calves Wednesday and Thursday. We will wean the end of October. Hope weaning goes well for you.

    Gotta love eating fresh picked tomatoes! Good luck canning the jalapenos.

  7. Awww, sweet Dolly. I hope she thrives on all of our care. :)

  8. That should have been "your" care -- :)


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