Friday, August 24, 2012

Freebie Friday

This week (like every other week) flew by and I barely had time to snap a shot of all my goodies! Friday's are kind of a horrible day for me to religiously post because it seems Friday nights are usually busy but I enjoy giving you a weekly update so you can see what I all get for the whole week. Here goes!

  • Venus razor
  • Venus razor cartridge coupons
  • TWO Nescafe Momento Mocha Coffee drink mix-in's
  • FREE Oscar Meyer Bacon or hot dog coupons (again!)
  • A handful of samples of different types of syrup's
  • Coupons for syrup's
  • Sample of lotion
  • Olay skin tightening lotion
  • FREE Nivea lip care prodcuts (again)
  • Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups
  • Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups coupons
  • Jergens lotion
  • Jergens lotion coupon
I didn't get a chance to get a grocery list put together because Friday is my usual shopping day and I was at the State Fair on Friday. I'm hoping to get a list together and shopping done tonight or tomorrow! Will update you with it when I do get the shopping done :)

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