Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scentsy Samples

Quick post but would like to see how much feedback I receive to determine if I post more about Scentsy on my personal blog. I'm going to be sending out my September Scent of the Month samples and was wondering how many (if any) of you would be interested in trying out the new scent?

This month's scent will be Caramel Pear Crisp. The description: Perfectly ripe pear and juicy nectarine blanketed in a brown sugar rust and topped with a dollop of warm caramel cream.

The warmer of the month will be Pumpkin. Stroll through rows of plump pumpkins as leaves make a satisfying crunch under your feet. Pick Pumpkin- it's the best in the patch! This bewitching warmer looks ready to be carved into the ultimate jack-o-lantern with a glossy, reactive glaze that pops in autumn orange.

Also, September first marks many other new exciting things with Scentsy! They will be releasing their new scented greeting cards line Sincerely Scent and also have a new Fall/Winter Catalog launch. I have catalogs ready to go if anyone is wanting to check out the new items! Let me know if you're interested in either!

If you're interested please either leave a comment or send me a quick message with your mailing address so I can get your sample ready to send out! I will be mailing samples out on Friday!


  1. Hi Kelsey! I just emailed you--I love the pumpking warmer and would love to try the new scent! I will definitely have to start ordering "fall" scents soon!

  2. Hi Kels! Sorry I'm a little behind--life has been crazy here! Anyway, I got the scent a few days after you sent it and I loved it! It literally made my mailbox and smell yummy even! I have a busy week this week but will look over the catalog soon and hopefully order some new fall ones asap!

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