Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

Life is finally slowing down enough that I feel I'm back in control again. So without further ado, here's my weekly list of fuzzy happy feelings.

  • Friends who share with me that they love my blog and want me to continue it (shout out to you Lisa!)
  • God's grace and wisdom of whispering in my ear that I should give to those in need 
  • Facebook for making it easier for me to sell unwanted clothes
  • Me having the ability to learn to let go and sell unused items, I need to purge my over flowing closet!
  • Verizon for sending us a super huge bill and not telling us all the "rules" of the new contract, I guess we're thankful we have the money to pay the bill...
  • Great Western for storing my money that I want to spend
  • Mother Nature for giving us a break and making up for the hot summer days/nights she gave us thus far
  • My besties; Loretta, Dolly, Patsy, Patty, Deana, Reba, Faith, Shania and Taylor for helping to encourage me to be awesome and help me to see I will never be a famous singer.
  • My garden for giving me onions and potatoes, even though I was doubtful anything was left out there
  • My grocery store in my basement for giving me ample choices of snacks and meals to create
  • Travis' playful-ness that reminds me why I love that booger
  • A good book to get lost in
  • My hammock and the breeze
  • Suntans.... not sunburns
  • Pop tarts for a quick breakfast
  • My 101 in 1001 list for holding me accountable and not putting on things I want to do for me
  • My blog readers, I love hearing from each and every one of you
  • God for giving me the encouragement to speak on his behalf and spread his word
  • Comments on my posts/blog

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