Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

Life is finally slowing down enough that I feel I'm back in control again. So without further ado, here's my weekly list of fuzzy happy feelings.

  • Scentsy Corporate for listening to me and giving a consultant whose a crook the low-down (I really hope she gets her selling privileges taken away!!)
  • The ability to run a mile, a whole mile, without stopping
  • Sworkit & Workout Trainer Apps for pushing me to workout and not just run for my exercising routines
  • Fundamentals of Insurance homework for being super easy this past week, now let's hope I do good on my test!
  • The bank for protecting my money (a little too much) but finally unblocking my card, thank goodness they protected my account but it was just me wanting my money not someone else
  • Blender Bottle for encouraging me to attempt to drink more water
  • My body for not giving up on my and my running attempt
  • New kitties on the farm
  • The sun for shining every morning onto the earth
  • God's creatures, the wild turkey's by the yard had about 14 babies with them this morning
  • The calves that are prancing around happily in the pen
  • The dog not barking last night
  • NEW SHOES (again) 
  • Mom & sister bonding time, we love to get supper together once in awhile (but only if mom pays)
  • Scentsy business for picking up after a couple of slow summer months
  • Coups for freebies (I know I keep repeating this but I love them!)
  • Anticipation of the Women Of Faith conference coming up
  • Calm beautiful evenings to enjoy God's gorgeous sunsets on the farm

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