Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

Well, life's always busy I'm realizing. Here lately although I know I have a hectic life I have decided to take on a couple new things. I'll keep you posted but here's the weekly list! 

  • The opportunity to be asked to help with the youth group program (this really means a lot to me!)
  • My newest goal of hitting an 11 minute and some odd seconds mile! I'm so close to hitting my goal finally
  • Starbucks Frappuccino drinks from my grocery store in the basement
  • My new partner in crime Dolly for being the cutest little bucket calf to date, she follows us around the yard like a little puppy, we love it ;)
  • My "grocery store" full of food, although we may look at it and complain that we have nothing to eat, in reality, the food we have would last some families a year if they were living off of no money
  • A busy scheduled life, it can be stressful but right now I feel on top of the world
  • Pinterest for saving all of my visions in cute little boards (my OCD-ness loves this!)
  • New potential recruits for Scentsy, we always love growing our team
  • Nike shorts and Adidas tennis shoes for being comforting 
  • Travis' playful phone conversations
  • Our cute little puppy Dolly, her personality cracks us up
  • The chance to go to the state fair and play for dignitaries
  • Interest in another Fall/Winter craft show from vendors, can't wait to do more
  • Shrek cup from McDonald's (yes I know they're recalled but I still use them, I can't help it I love them!)
  • Scentsy mailings for coming back with some business, I might just do more mailings

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