Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

What a weekend! I'm finally catching up so bear with me, I promise to be back to my normal posting soon! Life just flies by but thankfully I'm able to hold on just long enough to gain my balance before something else gets thrown my way :)

  • Czech Days for being over!
  • Monday, the day of rest.... (or the day after C.Days rest anyways)
  • The chance to be living at home again and not out of a laundry basket at the Townhouse
  • The weekend for giving me the opportunity to meet up with so many long lost friends I haven't seen since last Czech Days
  • Small amounts of rain here and there, at this point anything helps
  • My cousin for having a healthy gorgeous baby girl! Congratulations Andrew & Missy! 
  • The community for giving me an award to honor my involvement
  • Being invited to go see Dwight Yoakam, on my birthday, with the girls!! It's gotta be fate ;)
  • Moe for being there to talk to when I need an ear
  • God for renewing my faith daily and giving me hope that tomorrow will always be more positive than today
  • Tina for listening to me about all of my problems, and H & R for making me laugh
  • That the Zoubek's made a successful trip back home without anyone getting hurt, Texas needs to be closer so we can visit more often!
  • Travis & Bubba (Red) for spending time with me, it felt like one of those moments where you wish you could freeze time cause it was picture perfect, but I didn't have a photographer around
  • Pork chops and Green Mountain Grills
  • Scentsy business for picking up in the months that I haven't really pushed sales a whole lot
  • Scentsy for launching a new business line for me to potentially excel with and touch a new customer base
  • Green Tree Droid App for making me feel like I'm not a complete failure as a gardener

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