Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekend Review

What a fun weekend! I cannot express in words how much fun we had Friday evening with friends, we decided to have a four-wheeler cruise night around the countryside and I must insist that we do it more often!   It was so nice to enjoy each others company and be stuck together on the same four-wheeler while cruising around. We rarely if ever get time to just hang out and do nothing so for me it was an added bonus to hang out and do nothing TOGETHER! We had about six of us that went out that evening, raised a little heck, stopped at a neighbors house and then cruised on back to the farm.

There the boys got adventurous and decided to see if they could make it through the pond. As you can tell by the picture they made it half way through the pond before getting stuck. So the second four-wheeler jumped in to save him, but he too got stuck. So the side-by-side saved them both. But that didn't stop the fun, then we all "jumped" in and took the rest of the four-wheeler's through the pond. Travis got daring and didn't want to use four wheel drive so we of course got stuck. So, imagine me, all freaking out because I don't want my brand new phone to be soaked so there I am, standing on top of the four-wheeler trying to get away from the water, Trav telling me to get on the front to help move the weight to try to get more traction, me attempting to gracefully move myself to the front of the four-wheeler (trying to step over him but not completely fall off) while still holding my phone above my head being careful not to fall or drop the phone, Travis telling me to hurry up, me explaining why I'm being slow, Matt tossing us a winch to hook up, me trying not to fall of the four-wheeler into the pond while hooking the winch up, (while Travis is holding onto my belt loop to keep me from falling) and everyone sitting at the bank watching us and laughing. Yes, it did happen but no I did not think it was funny. We made it to shore only in time for Trav to lock in the four-wheel-drive and then we took off across the pond a couple more times. What a fun night, dusty but fun! I'm still finding dust in cracks and behind my ears from the gravel roads but it was well worth it. The chilly 60 degree weather we had made for an interesting 2am drive home, the six short miles felt like we were on our way to Timbuktu and back it was sooo cold!

Saturday was filled with house cleaning and homework, then we went to celebrate a marriage of friends. They wedding was gorgeous and they had so many over the top cute favors for guests. I was so excited to see all my Wilber buddies that I don't get to see as often. I danced the night away with them and we laughed and had a blast like always. I had to take a moment to reminisce and think about how less than ten years ago we were doing the same thing, except we were at high school dances and we all refused to dance with each other but instead made fun of all the couples who were slow dancing together. Funny how times change and people evolve (and alcohol frees our dancing spirits) and now we all enjoy spending time jamming out to loud tunes. The DJ closed down by midnight so we had just enough time to run to the bar and have a quick drink with friends I never get to see. One quick drink and it was time to ding-dong-ditch the boys! Thanks to Mitchell for leaving the back door unlocked we stopped by his house quick then on the Birkett's. Luckily Justin had snacks for us, Popsicle's and sweet & sour bread & butter pickles. Justin knows what good food is I tell ya!

Sunday was homework day, I usually dread Sunday's because they're dedicated to doing nothing but sitting in front of my laptop doing insurance homework but it needs to be done. We were invited to Travis' cousin's birthday party so it was nice to get out of the house for awhile and celebrate a new 16 year old on the road. I also pawned off some of my tomatoes onto people so lucky for them I have no fresh ones sitting at home. I'm glad they went to a great home where someone will put them to use and actually enjoy them.

Overall the weekend was kind of eventful but that's ok, sometimes having a hectic weekend keeps you from sitting on the couch too much.

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