Monday, September 24, 2012

#85 from 101 in 1001

85. Have twenty followers

Have twenty blog followers was just an dream at the beginning of this journey of 101 in 1001. Now it's a reality and I'm so grateful to those who have taken the time to "follow" me and my stories. I cannot believe that in less than two months I've gone from less than five followers to twenty!? I started this blog as a way for me to tell my life stories and share my knowledge with others whom I assumed would just be family and friends but now I have twenty people who are interested in me enough to follow me! So, as a special shout out to those who have taken the time to follow me I wanna say thanks to the following people:

Thanks again you guys, you're all super awesome! As you can tell, I'm slowly progressing and checking items off my list. I've got a couple that I need to post about but haven't got around to it. Like for example: with the addition of a new (to me) sewing machine I'm sure I can accomplish some of those other projects I want to get done. Some of the items on my list I haven't even started thinking about yet but I know those will eventually be crossed off.

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  1. Thanks Kelsey! As far as drilling rye with a small drill :)...the farms in this area are rather small, compared to your area. We farm about 100 acres total. I agree, it's fun to see how things are done differently in other areas!


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