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Czech Days 2012

Long over-due but here's the article I've had sitting in drafts for quite awhile. Guess I just forgot to post it!

It's finally over, you, Czech Days... Those five days a year that I'm constantly talking about and anticipating is finally gone. I've got the Post-Czech Days Blues again but that's alright because I know that Czech Days 2013 is only 360 days away!!

To kind of sum up my weekend here's the best way to put it into words, I'm taking this straight from my fBook status: "Czech Days 2012 was amazing, I had a great time making memories with friends and family. I'm so honored to be choosen for the Ladies of Libuse award and am honored to know that others see my love for my heritage! I promise to fulfill my duties of continuing to spread my heritage with others! Thank you FOX HOLE TAVERN for supplying Grandpa's Lemonade, it was of course yummy! The Wilber-Clatonia Czech Alumni Band was wonderful, we sounded great and I'm thankful that Larry, Curly & Moe (the 3 bohemian stooges) made it through without hurting each other! I have no voice as of now because I think we gave out too many YEEEOOOWS over the course of the weekend. We as a band have successfully made people so excited that they pee themselves when we walk in. Closing ceremonies was extra special due to the pyro technician who carefully executed the grand show. The Wilber Senior Czech Beseda Dancers danced great and we had so many great kids this year that I got to spend this past month with. I've got post-c.days blues but I know that all great things must come to an end. But on a positive note, only 328 days until C.Days 2013!!!! YEEEEOOOW! :)"

Here's the run-down of what my week consisted of:

TUESDAY: Beseda Dancers had pictures and then we did our little performance at the Wilber Care Center. It's fun to watch the group come together and see how many kids show up for pictures, when they're dancing in circles around you, you don't really realize there are so many of them. Plus dancing for the residents really hits home because I was there preforming for Grandma Homolka a couple years ago. I really miss her but it's bittersweet going back there knowing that all of the other ladies that are still there know me and were friends with grandma.

WEDNESDAY: Polka's In The Park, we had the Alumni Band jump on a trailer and head down to the Legion Park to play for the campers that were already staked out for the weekend. Lucky me dad actually stopped in to play a few numbers with us! We then proceeded to go back to Gary's Bar for a couple drinks and then continued over to Fox Hole for a couple. We of course stayed too late and were asked to bring Grandpa's Lemonade in so they could give him a try. Grandpa kicked our rears the first night of Czech Days....

THURSDAY: Let the craziness begin! We were busy getting the townhouse prepped and ready for the Clarkson crew to arrive. Thursday evening we came to town, had a great practice with Alumni Band then continued our journey to the streets. We marched down the main street, to the bandstand corner then turned to head to the hotel to play for the awaiting crowd. Once we finished playing a couple tunes we dis-banded (funny right?!) and the Beseda Dancers got ready to preform. I love watching the kids dance and have fun while doing something that pays tribute to their heritage! The crowd was huge for a Friday night but fun was had by all.

Photo by Tim Linscott
Here is the Wilber Republican article about it!
FRIDAY: We got into town running behind but luckily got caught up to speed and ran around to finish our last minute to do list. Mom asked me to walk down to the bandstand and deliver the score sheets to them so they can announce through the parade (she's in charge of the kiddie parade on Friday night) and so we did. While waiting down there dad showed up, next thing I knew Travis was there and a couple other close family and friends were there also. I had a suspicion at that point that I might receive the community award. Much to my surprise I did in fact receive the Lady of Libuse award along with four other ladies and there was one Knight of Blanik award that was given away this year! Oh what an honor it was to even be considered for this award! Here's a little article that explains the reasoning for the Lady of Libuse award and other past recipients who have received it. (Notice my mom and grandma have both received this award, along with my dad and grandpa?!) After the award ceremony I hiked back up to the parade line-up to finish odds and ends, then me and mom took Mr. Ranger down to the end of the parade route to collect numbers after the kiddos finished the parade. I being the sneaky private eye that I am also "snuck" a beer into a coozie and started drinking right there, in front of the cops, on main street. Mom was worried the whole time but laughed at me and the fact that I was "drinking in public."
Here's Mani, she's creepy right?!?
After the parade it was time to get the Beseda Dancers lined up and ready to dance. No hick-ups in the dancing, the kids always put on a great show and they enjoyed themselves again. We did a little more running around, then headed back to the townhouse to have a polka jam with the Clarkson crew. I forgot how much fun those Clarkson folks can be!! I jammed out on the drums and actually kind of played a couple of tunes. Also, we had a visitor come stop by, her name was Mani. She was a creeper! Cheri played a little trick on us and put her in the bathroom so when you'd go to close the door and sit down you'd see her staring at you. Yes, very very creepy indeed! We wanted to check out to town and tear it up a little bit so we took off for the beer garden. Danced a couple tunes, got to hang out with all of my besties and then proceeded to head on across town to an after party. We of course had polka's blaring and we met a couple interesting characters that stopped along the way. One of which included a guy nicknamed "dirty underwear boy" because he showed up in just his boxers... My being an instigator I couldn't just let him go on his happy way so I asked if I could cut them into a thong, the poor soul agreed and there I was at 3 am with scissors cutting this man's manhood off and allowing the breeze to flow through his untanned legs. We sat there and enjoyed each other's friendship for a couple more hours until I looked at the clock to realize it was almost 5 am and I needed to be up in a few hours so I took it upon myself to walk on home. While on my walk with Matt we found that we were not the only ones still up at that time and indeed there were still people our partying and howling at the moon also. What. A. Night.

SATURDAY: At this point the chaos is in full swing! Woke up in time for a quick shower, do a little teasing of the hair (I've fallen in love with volume all of a sudden!?) and then a quick trip to the bandstand to help with the Senior Beseda Dancers. "Hold this, hold that." was said by a couple of kids with no pockets so I nicely took the role of the keeper of all things and then the kids went out and did their thing. The kids did great, only a couple of buttons popped off vests in the process and everyone went their own ways to get prepped for the big parade. I proceeded to jump back onto the Ranger and flew back to the Townhouse to meet up with Travis so we could head out to K&G to get the float ready. An hour of free time on Czech Days is one of those events where you stand there and twittle your thumbs because you're not sure what you're supposed to be doing. This is exactly how I felt at that moment in time. Trav dropped me off at the house, I did a quick change of clothes into my full outfit for the parade and then had Chrissy run me down to the parade route to get prepped for Alumni Band. Got in a little social time with the fellow Wilber alumni and then it was time to head on over to our official meeting line-up spot to get ready for the parade. We were granted the privileged to move the Flag Corps up to the front of the band this year so we were all excited to be in a new spot and get a little recognition for once! The cadence rolled and you feel that automatic excitement, the kind that gets your blood pumping and makes you proud to be part of something bigger. We roll off and start our cadence routine, half way down the block I'm nothing but smiles once I remember our routines and see all of the people gathered to watch us perform. What an amazing support system our small community has! We're marching along and I got excited because I knew where family always sits, so I smiled and waved to all of them.

SUNDAY: The final stretch is here, I'm extremely exhausted from being up for ridiculous amounts of time but I know it's all coming to a close sadly. I did the normal routine of Saturday, parades, dancing and then beer gardening but sadly, we all look upon this day as the day of closure. To know that until Czech Days 2013 we will have to go back to our normal lives, the lives where people do something productive and abide by the rule of thumb that we don't crack a beer until at least three o'clock. Although this was a year to remember, all great things must come to an end and sadly, Czech Days closing ceremonies came to an end also.... After Kane started a fire of burning trash and we put it out.

Here are some link-ups from newspapers and other places that I've found with pictures of myself or great articles about the town of Wilber and our Czech Festival!

Wilber Republican (I'm in this one!)
Beatrice Daily Sun (I'm in this one!)
Journal Star (Photo Link) (Fox Hole Article)

Mo, Curly & Larry at their finest! These two have made the Alumni Band so much fun!

Photo by Anna Beck
Ladies of Libuse and Knight of Blanik award winners

Photo from Beatrice Daily Sun
Do you see me? I'm the silver trumpet player in the middle of the picture!

Photo by Nic Vocasek
Photo by Nic Vocasek

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  1. That sounds like such a blast, and I love your photos. I liked the dancers in the last video--great clothing styles. Visiting from TALU.


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