Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Farming On The Four's

The latest news on the Nerud farm is that we're over halfway done with fall calving! To the left is a picture of the ladies I caught a glimpse of when checking a couple nights ago. The black mama must have just had her calf because she was kind of worried about me cruisin around in her territory. Normally the mama's aren't too flighty if we get close but she was a little worked up. We currently have about sixteen left to calve so we're getting there. This year we have THREE sets of twins that were born. That's not normal for us to have that many sets. Typically we usually have one set of twins each year but never three. What a lucky year we've had in the cattle season, oh the joys of living on the farm. All sets of twins are doing wonderfully and to top it off, all of the mama's have taken the twins meaning no bottle babies for us!

Little miss Dolly is doing just great. We let her out for nightly walks when we go to feed the horses and she still follows us around like a little puppy. It's so cute when you get close to her pen and call her name she comes running and kicking all excitedly up to the gate waiting for us to come feed her. Travis sent me this picture a couple days ago, the message with it, "Dolly is just out gettin a little exercise." Aww, what a cutie! :) He said he went to let her out, she walked around a bit, followed him to the house to make the bottle, patiently waited outside the door, then drank her bottle and followed him back to finish up the chores. I have allergies to animal dandruff (horrible when you live on a farm but that's life) but I cannot help but play with her. I pay for it in half an hour but the cutie is just too fun to leave alone. Yesterday we played a game of chase Kelsey around the pen while she's trying to hook the hose up and fill tanks. Dolly thought it was a fun game, I however, didn't find it so fun...

The combine has been pulled out of the shed and will be ready for action here in about a week or two! I cannot believe that we're already gearing up for harvest! There have been a couple neighbors harvesting already and to my surprise the corn is actually quite dry. Travis said he will more than likely have the combine ready to roll by the end of this week. We have a 2012 5088 series which is the smallest size you can order new but this thing is huge! They got a new combine again this year so he's got to do some tweaking, mount all the needed items like CB's and GPS onto it and then make sure it's all calibrated before it heads out to the fields. I'm honestly excited for harvest to start but once it's a couple weeks in I always have that feeling of hoping it will end soon. I know the boys put exhausting hours into their work but there's always a break-down and never enough hours to finish up harvest season.

Here's a picture of mister 5088 sitting outside the shop awaiting his improvements and missing his head. (hehe) He will soon be out working long hours with my boy.

Digging around I found this sweet article about the new 2013 Case IH Combine Cabs and I'm thinking I need a career change! I can't believe farmers have all these luxuries in their cabs and I don't even have a "portable electric refrigerator" in my living living room. These babies are loaded! I mean, iPod hook-ups, cup-holders, "office tool holders", added leg and foot room... Come on, these things have more feature's than my smart phone! Farmer's work hard but they also have it pretty easy sometimes!

The rain is still slacking and hasn't decided to pour itself unto us but we're not giving up prayers quite yet! With harvest around the corner we still need rain to keep combines and other equipment from starting field fires while trying to pull crops out. If a fire were to start it wouldn't take long to ignite the entire field due to the lack of moisture in our area.

Another thing that's been going on in the ag world is an update on the baby goats. Remember awhile back I posted about the Homolka Ranch Babies and how we had a set of triplets born? Well, they're growing up and are now becoming teenagers! We had to make a house call because Delbert was sick, we're still not really sure what's wrong with him so we're planning on calling the vet today in hopes of some kind of answers. Poor feller just sat there and stared at us without wanting to eat or drink anything. Let's hope the vet gives us some answers! The other teens were doing great, I've added some pictures of them watching us and munching down on some alfalfa.I truthfully miss them and hope that someday I can talk Travie into letting me take a couple to our house!

Until the 14th I hope everyone enjoys the end of summer and transition into fall. Sending happy harvest thoughts to all the other farmers and let's all hope the yields are much higher than anticipated. 

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  1. You sure stay busy! Hooray for not having to bottle feed!

  2. I love that the combine comes loaded like a car! Life on the farm sounds very busy - sending you good thoughts for a good harvest!

  3. So happy to see all of the babies doing well -- the black and white goat has stolen my heart -- gorgeous!

    Good luck with your harvest. It is gearing up hear as well. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. busy times! what cute babies!!


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