Monday, September 24, 2012

Farming On The Four's

Where did these past ten days go?! These past ten days seemed to have flown by but a lot has been going on around the farm.

We've switched from harvesting corn to now harvesting beans. The main reason, we were out of dry corn (moisture was too high and if your moisture is too high you will be docked pay by the COOP meaning less profit for you) and also because beans are maturing too fast. If the beans dry out too fast you'll loose yield due to them popping out of their pods when they get cut by the combine. Beans so far are doing alright, irrigated ground is still lower than last years yields but they're still doing fairly decent. No complaints because with any luck I might still get a Christmas present or two because of bean prices being up and the fact that we've actually got enough yield to take a couple trucks to town.

We spent Saturday together for most of the day. I went out there around noon and rode around until about five-ish but I somehow managed to get one of those fab headaches so I discovered by accident that it's totally possible to sleep in a combine laying down. Yes, it's true, I'm small enough to bend my body to fit on the floor of the cab, you've gotta stick your head between the door and the seat, then position your body kind of at an angle, then bend your knees around the steering column, but it's totally possible if you're 5'2" and in need of some shut eye due to a migraine. (And Myranda is small enough to shove herself between the seats in the middle row of my Tahoe, she looks so comfy doesn't she?!)

Oh, and in that middle picture above, that's a bald eagle. I have never seen one while out harvesting (nor has Trav) but there's a first for everything and we got lucky enough to witness it together. Like every other part of our relationship, there was a comical moment when we actually saw the eagle. I wanted a picture so bad and Travis thought it was cool too so he was stopping the combine so we could snap a pic but I was already two steps ahead of him, opening the cab door and getting ready to snap a closer shot. He however didn't want dust in the cab so there he is screaming at me to shut the door, there's me trying to get a shot and there's the eagle, flying away from the people arguing.... Needless to say, this was the only shot I got of him.

I had a friend come out and get some shots of them harvesting and I'm so excited to get to see them! We're going to get some shots of the Nerud's with the harvesting equipment that I think will turn out great. They'll also work perfectly for Christmas presents I'm thinking too. No one really ever gets good shots of harvest it seems because everyone's always running around working so to take a step back and get some shots I know will be worth it down the line to look back at what type of equipment was used "back in 2012." I'm sure in the next twenty years the technology and equipment will change significantly.

On another important update, my garden. I want to send out an apology letter to my poor unattended garden. Lately the weeds have been out of control in it. Look how sad my baby tomatoes look, the vines have grown out of control, surprisingly I'm still getting a crop off of it but still, I feel guilty for allowing it to get so out of control. And the cucumbers, total shock when I discovered these babies out there growing! Take a look on the bottom picture, that's what my cucumber area looked like, if you look closely you can see a cucumber hidden between the three foot tall weeds. Yup, they've been hiding under there continuously growing through all of the tough childhood conditions I've left them to grow in! No excuses for the crappy garden besides blaming it all on the biggest holiday of the summer, Czech Days.

Harvest has been in full swing since September 6th and I'm getting quite restless, remember me saying how much fun it is, then you sink into that feeling that it'll never end? Yup, I'm deff in the will it ever end stage right now. Poor Travis didn't get home until 1 am last night, evidently something broke on the combine and he had to get it all torn apart so he could get parts this morning. Let's just hope it was an easy fix and when I get home tonight he's out harvesting.

How's everyone else's harvest going so far? Would love to hear what's all going on in your family or community!

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  1. We chopped corn silage to refill our silos's still early for us to be combining, but that time will be here before we know it! The beans are turning quickly, but it's still early for them too. I'm curious...what kind of yields have you been getting on your corn (and soon to be beans)? I've heard that the drought has been really tough on a lot of the midwestern farmers.

  2. Oh harvest days long long long. Take care. B

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