Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This week was filled with fun. I've had such a great week for the most part and I think fall is settling in for good finally. 

  • A gorgeous wedding of close friends (congrats Brad & Stef!!)
  • De Leon's for serving up delicious Mexican food at midnight
  • Getting to see my Scentsy Sisters and finally getting a snapshot of us together
  • Kelsey-Leefer time, we love hanging out and she loves eating grass while I read my book. I've found myself talking to this horse a lot lately with Trav gone, but at least she won't blab all my secrets to everyone ;)
  • My garden for still producing cucumbers and tomatoes even through all of my neglect
  • Fresh produce in our fridge, we love fruits and veggies... ok so I do
  • My Droid 4 camera, I seriously love it, I use it more than I use my point and shoot camera
  • Wal-Mart's cream cheese pumpkin roll's for being back for the season, seriously delicious!
  • My self control of spending habits allowing me to continuously save up my spare $5 bills and add them to my mason jar (this holiday season shouldn't be as much of a shocker on the wallet since I've been slowly saving up)
  • More buys on old clothes, my huge closet is slowly becoming smaller piece by piece but I've got a ton of stuff that I don't wear that still needs to go.
  • Thankful to get to watch the final episode of my fav show Big Brother thanks to the internet.... Trav accidentally deleted my DVR because he wanted to watch some dumb history channel show instead
  • Froozen foods section at the grocery store, they're a life saver in our house
  • Lunch dates with friends, it means less work involved with having to find leftovers to bring with me 
  • Birthday week quickly approaching, eek!
  • Harvest for slowly coming along, progress will pick up but hopefully this odd pace will continue so we don't feel overly stressed about needing the crops out asap
  • Mom for giving me her old embroidery machine, that means now I have no excuse not to start some sewing projects and I can get to sewing on my Pinterest projects!
  • My craft room for finally starting to take shape, with a little more cleaning it'll be ready to be functional
  • Red for finally coming around and trying to be a little nicer to the new kitties on the farm, these black kitties still aren't too fond of him but he knows when I'm watching not to attack them at least
  • My final test, it's all over with finally! No more tests (for a week), no more homework (for a week), no more insurance classes (for a week). Ok, so just glad schools over (for a week).

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