Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

Today I was at Husker Harvest days in Grand Island so didn't have much time to post. This will be short and sweet but there's so much to be thankful for!

  • A whole day to hang out with Travis, walk around lazily, and just spend time together. Husker Harvest Days is our once a year together trip and I'm thankful we have the opportunity to do it together.
  • Rain finally filling our cracks in the ground, we got nearly 1.5" woohoo!
  • The sun for shining and reminding us that although fall is quickly approaching that ol sun will never leave us stranded in the freezing cold
  • God's love poured out for me in times of frustration
  • Travis for offering to take me out to a nicer restaurant on our mini vacation away from the farm
  • The house for trying to stay clean during the week when I'm busy
  • Classes for finally winding down and the quarter for closing up
  • The crops for giving us some yields, although they weren't what we hoped for they're still better than a total loss
  • Catching up with cousins, it's nice to finally be on a level of getting along again ;)
  • Anticipation of a gorgeous couple getting married this weekend, we love all of our friends equally (or close to equally) but this bride holds a close bond with me. Can't wait to see my Scentsy Sis all prettied up!
  • The week almost being over, oh I'm super thankful for this one!
  • People loving my old wardrobe and buying my treasures that I no longer use, I cannot believe I never thought of selling my old goodies until now, but it's really helping move old clothes and giving me extra Christmas spending money

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