Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

It's my birthday week!! And how awesome is it that my birthday lands on a Friday night?! We're celebrating by having a girls day in Omaha and going to a Dwight Yokum concert that evening! I guess if Trav's going to be stuck in the field on my birthday there's no point in making me suffer, may as well enjoy a girl's night?!?

  • Birthday week!!
  • Keeping in contact with old friends and fellow ag alumni
  • The dog for going running with me in the evening, I don't feel as lonely (weird but it's the truth)
  • Lunch date with Jenny the day before my birthday
  • Scentsy orders for coming in!!!
  • My best running time for my nightly mile run (11:10 whoohoo), the last time I ran this fast was in high school, this is big for me!
  • Travis for being a trooper on these long evenings and early morning of harvest
  • RunKeeper for tracking my running and using it's gps skills to tell me exactly how awesome I am at running
  • Cassie, Margo and Sheebs for getting me out of the house and inviting me on our little girls night YEEEOOW
  • Mom for caring and asking how the headaches are, nothing fixes your cruddy mood like mom does
  • Dad's simple e-mails keeping up with me and reminiscing about childhood memories
  • Finishing up a little Christmas shopping
  • Crossing things off my 101 in 1001 list
  • My bestie Jessi for talking some sense into me, and for making me laugh
  • Crossing off gifts from my Christmas shopping list
  • Finally setting up a time to get my hair cut/colored (this is a twice a year thing it seems, I find it hard to make time but love the feeling after getting it done)
  • Fall setting in, oh the best season of the year!
Proof of my 11:10 mile! WooHoo!!

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  1. yay for birthday week!! How far are you from the Big O?! We should try to meet up sometime for lunch or something...or the CWS?! Ryan's sister, my cousin, and a few others were super close with live there so we are there all the time!! I guess I never realized it was prob that close..or is it not?


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