Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Review

This past weekend was an amazing three days off! Oh how I love my weekends but to get an extra day off to enjoy myself really put the icing on my cake!

Friday evening was spent cleaning and relaxing. Trav came home late so we didn't really get anything done. I did the weekly grocery shopping coupon trip and then headed home to unload it all. I talked to a good friend who was recently in a bad car accident for awhile and wished him happy healing powers in hopes to boost his spirits. I didn't feel good due to allergies thinking they own my life so I kind of laid low and rested up in hopes they'd leave me alone.

Saturday was filled with attempting to finish up homework and a dinner date with Travis' brother and his girlfriend Faith. We spent some time hanging out and then we grilled up a yummy supper! Bacon wrapped asparagus, t-bone steaks, roasted and buttered potatoes along with a buttered blooming onion. It was amazing! I enjoy having social time with Faith and Tyler, we rarely see them since Tyler's off racing all the time but now that race season is coming to an end I hope we will see them more often.

Sunday funday was a great day to relax and work on homework. I went outside once the whole day, and that was to check cows... Otherwise, the day was spent locked inside slaving away doing homework. I had two chapters worth of case analysis and applications due on my insurance homework so that literally took up most of my day. Travis came home to grill some steaks and I enjoyed an evening watching the DVR'd Big Brother episode while he snored LOUDLY in his chair.

Monday we spent the day doing what the holiday was meant for... LABOR! Monday marked the holiday Labor Day but to us it meant getting work done. We loaded up and moved some panels to make a catch pen for cattle we had on a pasture over by Crete then went and chit chatted with Dan. They're taking out a bunch of trees and brush over by Crete but luckily we didn't get stuck helping. Instead we headed to my parent's house and got to hand out with my mom and dad for the afternoon. I got a sweet megaphone from my mom as a gift and Travis hates it... I think it was the best present ever :) We helped to de-worm the goats while also checking them out. Here's a little update on them in my Farming On The Four's post if you want to read more about them. We hung out there and like my grandpa and grandma Homolka used to do with us my dad is now doing with Travis and I. He's sending home odds and ends, a pan of freshly made meatloaf, a half a box of peaches, a collection of barbed wire (which I insisted we do not take home but we ended up with anyways), some old milk crates. Yes, I love my parents but some of the things we receive I wish they wouldn't send home with us. After getting home we went back to the shop to finish up chores, and even had time to wash my Tahoe! Not only did we wash the Tahoe but I vacuumed the whole thing and even dusted it! Yep, my annual cleaning is finished for the year! :)

All in all the weekend was great and I'm so thankful I had as much fun as we did. Sometimes the best memories are the ones that aren't planned. I really miss hanging out with my family so even having a couple hours to spend with my mom and dad meant the world to me! I know Trav also enjoys getting to see them since we're not down in that area as often.

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