Tuesday, October 30, 2012

#27 from 101 in 1001

27. A lottery ticket when the jackpot is huge

Well, what better day than my birthday to do this one? So, on my 23rd birthday I bought my first power ball ticket. I'm pretty sure I didn't win anything but to be honest, I need to take it in to check it. I really don't do the gambling thing so when I went to get one I'm sure they laughed at my confusion as to what I was trying to do or get, oh well, point made, I bought one. **Update, didn't win anything. This is why I don't spend my money on these things**

Friday, October 26, 2012

Texas Trip (Part #1)

Ahhh! I've been so busy having fun I'm finally getting around to posting what we've been up to.

WEDNESDAY: We took off around 6am from my mom's house to pick up my aunt Bonita. From there we were ready to head south. Way south, like, all the way to Texas south. We made a couple pit stops on the way, like this sweet Christmas place in Tonkawa, Oklahoma where we shopped for Christmas decorations and then stopped to fill up gas across the street. Perhaps I could use this as a greetings card for our holiday cards we send out every year?!?!

We made it all the way from Dorchester, Nebraska to Dallas, Texas without any issues. We had time to make a pit stop at The Kolache Depot in Ennis (I pronounced it proudly, A-nnis, but was constantly corrected by mom). I wanted to see what these Texas kolache's were all about! I got one that was sour kraut and pork filled, and to my amazement they were pretty yummy. Our's usually consist of fruit fillings but I could maybe see myself capitalizing and branching out to make these new ones!

We made it to Katy, Texas around 9:30 pm after only three or four stops so I was actually quite pleased with how quick the fourteen hour drive trip took. We made only a couple wrong turns due to lane changing issues in Dallas and ended up in the ghetto area only once.

THURSDAY: We took the day kind of easy due to the fact that we traveled all day the day before. We had to get Haisley to preschool in the morning, I was the guest of honor so I got to meet her teacher. The preschool was cute and obviously kid-friendly. Most Texas mommies are SAHM so most of them were in work-out type clothes and were doing the run-around mommy thing.
After we dropped her off we had to go pick up our race-day packets with our numbers and all those goodies in it. Then Tina talked me into getting my "gait" tested, which is a fancy word for basically telling you if you're running right or if you need new shoes. Turns out, running on gravel is actually good for training and ankle strength, or so the guy told me. And those new kicks I got awhile back, they're great for stability running like I'm doing.

After packet pick-up we had to fly back to pick up Haisley from pre-school because she's only there for a couple hours. We picked her up, then headed back to their house for a couple hours of swinging and running around the backyard. We also, were lucky enough to catch a lizard like creature, I freaked and hid because I'm just not into reptile like animals but Tina and Haisley were proud of the lil critter and put it into a cage. I insisted the cage could fall apart and steered clear of the whole thing. I slowly came around and finally held the cage, evidently these little lizard things change colors to blend in with their surroundings like chameleons  do?! Kind of cool, but still, not cool enough to stick around me.

Then, it was off to the airport to pick up the man of the house, Dale. He was out of town on a business trip and was flying home Thursday around 3ish so we loaded up the kids and drove a good 45 minutes to the airport. I am still amazed at how crazy the drivers are down there, I couldn't believe the amount of people who cut each other off and how you really do have to "channel your inner Nascar driving skills" as Tina says. While in route, the kiddos crashed and we had some adult talk time. I always enjoy a good convo with Tina and it's nice to finally be able to talk in person instead of on cell phones, or fbook messaging! We waited around for Dale because there was a little mis-communication about where we were meeting. We cruised the airport for awhile and it was cool to see so many different kinds of planes. I snapped a picture of one that went over us. They had these sweet "bridges" you'd drive under while the plane was taking off on the run-way right above you! I was so impressed, it was really cool to have a plane launching right above me!!

We took him home after sitting in 5 o'clock traffic for awhile and we all decided to go out for a nice supper. Being indecisive with seven people really causes a mess so we finally just decided on a Mexican restaurant not too far from there house. The food was great, I ordered a chicken quesadilla because I'm not a branch out type of person and it didn't disappoint me. After we finished up supper we went back to the house and had a relaxed evening.

FRIDAY: Woke up around 9ish again, kind of the normal time range we're getting up which is perfectly fine with me. Tina, me and the kids took off for the Houston Zoo while Dale, Bonita and my mom went the other direction and went a food market type of grocery store where they did food lessons and had crazy foods that you can't get everywhere.

We had a blast at the zoo with the kids! . It was so exciting because I got to feed a giraffe! The kiddos were too excited as well, Rowan wasn't being patient and waiting for his turn in line and kept trying to cut in front of people. When we finally got up to where you got the pieces of lettuce to feed the giraffes they couldn't contain their excitement any longer. For that reason, here's the type of pictures you get when you ask them to smile quick before we feed them...

And if you think that picture is hilarious  check out this one of Rowie and me, he was asked to "smile" and this is what we got. He's such a ham, and always cracking us up. As far as the zoo itself, it (in my personal opinion) wasn't as good as Omaha's zoo. They did have different animals that I didn't see in Omaha like flamingos, elephants, giraffes and penguins but I just wasn't as impressed. The placement of the different exhibits were kind of thrown together and there wasn't a really good layout of where you're supposed to go from place to place. I like how you can just go in one pattern like formation and hit all the exhibits instead of having to cross across the zoo to find all of them. Check out this cute shot of the kiddos loving the giraffe, I remembered her name the whole way home. I get home and post this, yup, forget the nice ladies name! But she was so fascinating!

Here are some silly snap shots we got of us at the zoo, the kids were too busy playing on the dinosaur to care that I borrowed their stroller for a quick rest. (Don't judge but yes, the front tire was low and my weight did make it look flat)

We also took time for a quick "picnic" with Haisley's animals she brought with. They must have liked the zoo because I didn't hear a peep out of them the whole trip.

After we got back from the zoo we just kind of rested up. The mom's and Dale went to a restaurant that was on the Food Network show "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives" so they were all excited about it. We choose simple fast food option instead. I don't mind a good fast food meal occasionally  ;) We all came back to the house and just relaxed a bit. We knew we had race day in the morning so we took it easy for the most part. Dale was in charge of putting kids to bed and me and Tina kind of vegged out and watched tv/fbooked together. It's just so fun to finally be around the kids and Tina (ok fine, Dale too).

I'll update you guys with a post just about race day next! Stay tuned for the second post in the saga series about my amazing Texas Trip!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I'm Still Alive!

I'm still alive I promise, I'm just temporarily out on a small vaca. I rarely go a whole week without blogging but a Texas trip has taken precedence over my blogging world. Here's a little sneak peak of what we've been up to. I promise once I find time between playing, shopping and running a race I'll post more about my cute little trip!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Review

What a busy weekend. I've been really busy running around doing everything at once it seems but this weekend I really didn't get much sleep.

Friday- After work I flew home so we could grab the truck and go pick up some new cattle panels. Travis and me then got back to Wilber, grabbed some supper at Subway and then went down to the Legion to get all the tables moved around and set-up for the craft show. We were there until nearly ten so by the time we got home, got all of my goodies packed up and ready to go in the morning it was late.

Saturday- What an early morning. I was out of bed by 6:45 (major accomplishment for me) because we had to be there to let vendors in and also to get the rest of the tables set up. We finally got set up and enjoyed some time chatting with new vendors and figuring out what we'd like to do the next round of shows. We had a great turn out in Wilber with the city wide garage sales and a trap shoot going on the turnout was better than normal we thought. We'd love to continue to do shows in Wilber and hopefully some other small towns if we have enough interest. Saturday after the show I went home to get a little housework done and then once Travis finished up working on some fence we got cleaned up and headed to Wilber to go see what was going on downtown. It was the twins' birthday so they had an 80's themed birthday night at the bar. It was so fun, I kind of regret not dressing up now... Here's a picture of some of the cutest lookin gals!

Sunday- We of course stayed too late Saturday evening so Sunday morning was a struggle considering we had little sleep the night before and had to be up to get the show ready for vendors and customers to arrive. Made it (only 30 minutes late) and got everyone set up in time to open the doors at 11 am on the dot. I enjoy craft shows and all the sales that go with it but I despise setting up and taking down the tables. After the craft show I raced quick to Wilber for a youth group meeting, which is always filled with some good stories about the Amish, and then flew home to work on homework that was due at midnight. I finished up homework in time and collapsed onto the couch, just when I was about to fall asleep Trav comes in the house making a loud ruckus causing me to wake up again.... Someday I'll learn to tune him out and get some sleep, but until then, I'll be tired and groggy the next day.

The weekend was filled with busy things and I am realizing the lack of sleep I got because I'm dragging today and my headache is worse than normal. Today I came to work and tomorrow I'll be at work but come Wednesday this girl is checking out of 68343 and into Katy, Texas for a week! Ohhh, this girl's so excited! Stay tuned and I'll fill you in on my vaca trip to go see the Zoubek's!

Oh, PS, want a good laugh? Check this video out! 
I was almost peeing my pants laughing too hard.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Farming On The Four's

With harvest over with we're busy doing all sorts of work that needed to get done during the month long harvest bonanza. We're going to pick up some new panels tomorrow, we'll get enough we could use them to set up two round pens if we've got cattle on two separate pastures instead of having to load them up at separate times so that works out great for us!

We've been busy putting up electric fence so we can get cattle out on the corn fields now which will help to keep feed costs down somewhat as they're eating the extra's off the fields. But we still need to bale up some corn stalks to help get through the winter. With the small amount of hay we cut and alfalfa bales we did get this winter might be a little tough on the farm. We did use some of the crappy yielding corn to make some silage but since we received little rain this year all of our feeding options are minimal compared to last year and we didn't minimalism the "herd" so it'll be interesting to watch what cattle and feed prices do this winter. I think us along with several other cattlemen/ranchers are going to suffer the loss of feed options and some might take huge hits trying to keep their cows full.

Thought I'd try something fun, I figured just to see what market prices will do with such an interesting year I thought I'd focus on a couple different stocks to watch and update everyone. I'll do the current month (Oct) and then maybe a futures? What do you guys think? Maybe do a once a month chart update on it or something fun? So here goes!

F Cattle- 1.451
Corn- 7.37
Beans- 15.01
(Prices taken from here)

Found this photo here and I love her work!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

National Farmer's Day

Happy National Farmer's Day!!

This is total news to me and of course I see it when I'm packing up to head home, but none-the-less this day is definitely post-worthy! Ironic it's during a colder time of the year? I would expect this "holiday" to be in the summer or spring but, that's ok. Have a great day :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

I'm going off my rocker, I keep complaining about how busy my week is but I feel like every week is busier than the previous one. Let's hope sometime it'll slow down, with holiday's and winter coming up that means I might spend a little more time inside finding time to finish up some more of my 101 in 1001's. The weather is finally shaping up to be cold fall conditions. This week it's been in the 60's again.

  • Lunch date's with friends
  • Subway, Christina's and Runza for feeding my lazy rear since I obviously can't make my own meals
  • God for remembering to wake me up today
  • Scentsy shows for giving me a couple more orders
  • New sports bra (hey, the simple things in life are the best)
  • Flowers being sent to me by my bestie, she knows me too well
  • Harvest for finally being over
  • Texts from old college friends I haven't seen in a couple years
  • A hug from a co-worker who I've learned to lean on a lot lately
  • Pandora for giving me my fav stations
  • Pinterest for distracting me when I need to be working 
  • New friendships for forming and learning to have a prayer buddy
  • My Texas vaca coming up next week!! (insert my happy dance and imagine me jumping up and down in circles nearly hurting myself)
  • Running for becoming less painful and a little easier to bear, who said workouts were fun obviously was already in shape!
  • Leefer (our horse) for always giving me a couple big neigh's when I get home, it's a constant reminder that no one else may miss me, but she sure does or she's just reminding me to feed her
  • Wilber youth for helping me to love leading you guys, I cannot wait to see the youth group take off
  • The yard light for working again, makes those late nights easier to feed the animals when we can actually see who we're feeding
  • Craft shows this weekend, now let's bank on them bringing in enough income to finish up my Christmas shopping list and cross everyone off that still needs gifts
  • My Tahoe for staying somewhat clean due to the lack of rain and mud that follows
  • Homework for going smoothly so far, luckily no big bumps in the road and I'm actually finishing things a couple days ahead of time instead of the evening it's due
  • Photos to look back on and remind myself how much life has changed in the past couple of years

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Harvest Has Officially Ended


This, my dear friends, means I have a boyfriend again. Or have a boyfriend who comes home half an hour earlier than normal, there's still fence that needs to get finished, cattle to be moved, ground to be worked before winter, tractors to be worked on and the never ending chores... But, I'm seriously so excited that we've finished up harvest I can barely contain my excitement. We finished up exactly 34 days after we started this grueling process. It's hard to believe that for 34 days straight Travis was doing 12-14 hour days non-stop for that long. I'm all about working and getting things done but in this 34 day period, he took a max of maybe two days off due to a small rain shower we had. That's dedication! He's the only one who runs the combine so for him, I cannot imagine the lack of sleep and continuous staring at corn and beans kind of day he goes through.

I didn't get my pics uploaded yet but I promsie to get some last day of harvest pics up. I didn't get too many because I was actually in Wilber doing a Scentsy open house but I still snapped a shot of us. The before and after shots always crack me up, I'm sure you'll find amusement in them too ;)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How You Know

This my dear friends, is how you know you've got a bestie you could NEVER get rid of. Not ever, even if she were to light my house on fire, steal my boy, empty my bank accounts, drink all my liquor and sing to me in her bestest singing voice....

Seriously though back to the flowers, I loved them, I'm not even ashamed to admit I kind of teared up, ok I cried when I got them! They turned my day around in a second and I'm so grateful she even thought about me enough to send me flowers!

It's funny how we live less than thirty miles apart but we never find time to meet up anymore with both of us being "adults" now and having full time jobs along with trying to juggle social lives and relationships among many other things.. We talk all the time on the phone and we're constantly texting each other but we're just so glad to be with our boys on the weekends (or anytime we can) that we don't have time to physically see each other. Oh well, I still love her with my whole butt (I would say heart but let's be honest, my butt is bigger).

I've always felt like the odd ball, the one who has a million "friends" on fbook but none that I'd really call a best friend. You know, like, that type of friend you, like, sit around with on a Friday night, like, watching chick flicks eating, like, popcorn and, like, gossiping about the latest news. I mean, I've got a ton of friends that I am constantly talking to but none I felt truly connected to that I can call up and just relax with, lounge and be myself. I just can't be "the real me" with a lot of the people I talk to because even though they claim they're non-judgmental you know the second they leave they're calling someone and saying crap about you.

Well here's my philosophy for the day. I've come to realize a true friend really isn't the one who sits around with you and makes cupcakes with you, but a true friend can in fact be a bestie that lives thirty miles away and you only see once a year (if that). A bestie is the person who listens to your emotions and is there to help calm you down when you're a basket case. I'm not saying they're overly obsessive and patiently sits there quietly while you blab but they listen to you and then tell you their honest opinion about the situation, weather you want to hear the truth or not. They're always sending random things to you that crack you up and make you LOL at work or in a place where you're supposed to be quiet. Also, you need to learn to be a bestie, you need to be a person that people are willing to deem trustworthy of private info whose willing to lend an ear when they need someone to lean on. **Key point: if they tell you something, you must keep it private unless instructed otherwise**

Seriously, if you don't have a bestie that sit's around with you and eats bon bons, don't feel like you're missing out. If you've got someone who loves you unconditionally, who you can talk about dirty deets and who listens to you complain about how your ovaries are killing you, keep her (or him). Everyone's besties are different, mine however, I love to the ends of the earth and would do anything for her!

#15 from 101 in 1001

15. Run a mile in less than ten minutes without stopping

I did it, I really did it! I ran a WHOLE MILE in less than ten minutes! This, mind you, hasn't happened since high school but it just happened almost 5 years later! WooHoo!!

This might be a silly goal to accomplish but to me, it's a huge deal. I really miss my running and not necessarily the way I feel while I'm running but the feeling I get when I'm done running. I always feel like I'm dying but when I'm done, I feel like I just ran a marathon and I'm ready for me. (Or maybe I'm just not pushing myself hard enough?). This is one goal that is actually a positive and healthy goal for me to reach however and I hope that this new running thing is not a fad but a serious lifestyle change I choose to keep up with! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Real Me

I started reading this book, The Real Me by Natalie Grant and I've found myself kind of into it, kinda not. Parts of it drag on while others parts I find myself holding onto every word. But I found myself really digging into the meaning in one part of the book. I want to quote the book exactly and then I'll discuss my thinking on it. So here's the words from page 54-55:

What Matters Most. 

On paper, Stephanie looks like your classic high achiever. She's the historian of the student council and co historian for the National Honor Society. She's a member of the Spanish Club; the Spanish Honor Society; the orchestra; the mathematics honor society, Mu Alpha Theta; and Impact, the school club dedicated to community service. And as though all that wasn't enough, she signed up for all the Advanced Placement classes her school offers and became a social officer on her dance team.

The truth is, Stephanie, the daughter of Korean immigrants, has more than one reason for staying so busy.

"From about seventh grade until about the end of my sophomore year in high school I was really driven to achieve," she confesses. "If I didn't meet the standard I set for myself -which was often perfection- it caused my self-esteem to plummet. Sometimes even making 100 on a test wasn't enough. I thought I should've gotten the bonus points."

At the end of her sophomore year, Stephanie had a major shift in perspective, due largely to some personal Bible study and godly soul searching. "I realized that getting good grades and winning awards were not nearly as important as the things that were going on in the lives of those around me," she says. "I had been spending so much time studying or practicing the things I wanted to excel in that I wasn't spending very much time with God or with the people I care about. Every night when I'd look back on my day, I realized that about 90 percent was school -you know, studying that extra hour so I could do well on a test and such. And I think that has really hurt me, in a way, because in that long run it's not about my grades.

"I have friends whose parents put a lot of pressure on them to succeed academically," she continues, "and it's really hard on them. That's really sad to me because what are they going to say when God wants to know what they did with their life? That they made As in all their classes? That's not the legacy I want to leave. Sure, I love to learn, and I want to do all things excellently, but I hope that what motivates me the most to be involved in so many things is the desire to love and impact people. That's where my focus is now."

You see, this little bit of the book to me means so much! I've been doing a little soul searching myself here lately and this small story reminded me that it's not about my strive for perfection (which I constantly push myself to be) but it's more about what type of legacy I want to be remembered as.

So the question arises. If I were to die tomorrow what would people remember me as? A friend? A family member? A college graduate who worked full time and got two degrees in the process? A community member who liked to stay involved? A mentor to kids? An inspiration for other young ladies to get involved with their Czech heritage? So many things I've tried to become yet which one would really stick out and leave me as a legacy to the world? What will people remember me for? I want to be known for something good, not like extreme to the point of making giant bronze statues of me (although it wouldn't take much bronze I'm only 5'2"), but someone who brought a lot of positive influence and inspiration to those who knew me.

I think I myself, take on a lot of "projects" and I'm one of those people who can never say no to people. I think we all consider ourselves a bit of a never say no-er type of person but to me, I take it to the extreme. "Kelsey will you clean my shoes? Kelsey, pick up my kids from school so I can work an extra hour. Kelsey, jump off that bridge." Yes, I'm that girl who does everything and anything to be a people pleaser. The one who goes beyond my means and budget to make others happy and maybe feel a small ounce of acceptance from that person. I hate being the people pleaser I know I've become but I'm not the kind of person that could turn someone away. I think it's almost like I feel like I'm supposed to be the person to be there to help everyone, to be a bestie when I feel I lack one in my life.

I've never been known for my awesome grades, or my superb athletic skills but I think I've been known for my willingness to lend a hand or give an ear for a gab chat. I want to help and as much as I want to push people away I'm thankful I don't. The fact that I didn't excel or have my name known for academics or grades just means that I had to learn to leave my impression on people in other ways. I would hope that if I were to walk in and talk to people that I knew five years ago they would now say that I did leave them with some kind of impression. One that left a footstep on their heart and a smile on the face.

While striving to hit that perfectionist mark, I've learned that no one is perfect. No one will ever be the best at what they're trying to do. There will always be someone who can play trumpet better, there will always be someone who can juggle a career and being a mommy better, there will always be that friend who remembers to send out thank you's, and there will always be that one person I forget to add to my Christmas card list every year. But, no matter what, I'm striving to be the best I can be, the best me. Are you being the best you can be at this point in your life?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

#36 from 101 in 1001

36. Host a baby shower for a friend or family member

I did it! I hosted a baby shower, it was totally last minute as I was told two weeks before but I ended up co-hosting my cousin's baby shower with my other cousin. It was so fun and I'm glad I was asked to do it, I was over-stressed at the time but looking back, it was something I'm proud we pulled off for a lovely mommy-to-be. All of the pinks that filled the room was such a cute site, we had plenty of cake and snacks for us to munch on and we played a couple games. We invited mostly our side of the family but when all the Zoubek's get together you can pretty much guess the laugh's you'll get out of us. Everyone won prizes and Kyla had us all test out her new foaming hand-sanitizer (which was sparkly to boot). Grandma's to be made some amazing quilts and baby J got so many cute new items! I was kinda impressed with my diaper cake making skills also, check out the pics!

Congrats Andrew & Missy on your new little bundle Jax Sue, she's a cutie!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Freebie Friday

These have been sitting around for awhile and I know I've been needing to post them. This is I'd say two weeks worth of freebies, I've been slacking on the freebie's lately. I guess when life gets busy I don't follow through with my blog posts. What a slacker on my part!!

This haul included Nexcare badages, Caress body wash, hand wipes (don't remember the brand but perfect for my purse!), Enfamil baby formula and coupons, Head & Shoulders shampoo/conditioner trial set, Always tampon packet, Downy Unstoppable sample size, Science Diet dog treats, Eucerin hand lotion, Magic Eraser coupons, WetJet pads, Luna fiber bars, Simple fiber bar, Simply trial lotion and a ton of coupons from random giveaways.

I've been working on my Company Contact Challenge a lot here lately and I'll post a more recent update of it here soon (hopefully). I'm actually kind of surprised with how many responses I've gotten. Some say no, others say they don't send coups and some are super generous and send me some. It's fun to try to get freebies or coupons from the companies that I already spend money with!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

This week was fun, and it was filled with many surprises. I'm so grateful to have such awesome friends and family, plus I'm thankful fall weather is finally setting in. Hello hoodies and sweatpants!

  • Dad & Mom's 32nd wedding anniversary
  • Another PR in the running department, loving my times it's just too bad that we're doing a 5k and not a 1m
  • Harvest for almost being over with meaning "the boy is back in town" (sing that part)
  • The combine for having a fairly simple fix so we can finish up harvesting
  • Lunch dates with friends
  • Haircut! I love it, the feeling of getting your hair freshly cleaned up, and I love the colors added back into my limp locks, now let's hope it doesn't fade out soon
  • Blogging buddies who have hilarious stories that fill my days at work with laughter (somebody's gotta make my day better)
  • A quick phone call to dad wishing them a happy anniversary (I promise the card is still sitting at the house)

Farming On The Four's

I am sad to admit that I do not have any photo's to post this "four" because we've been busy!

We've had a couple major breakdowns that took us out of the field for a couple days. And of course, like any other major breakdown the timing was horrible. We broke down on a Saturday afternoon, took the combine home to pull it apart and came to find out we needed parts. Not just a simple run to the dealership kind of part, but a major part that required a massive man-hunt across the state. There were only three of these parts in the whole state so we got lucky enough to get one to us by Monday. Since the combine was under warranty the dealership had to come and work on it meaning they wouldn't get out there until Monday. Long story short (kinda), they get out there on Monday, fixed it and then Trav got back out to combine his little fields beans out. <---pun intended

Once we were fixed the service rep said he received two more calls with the same issues, looks like ours broke just in time after all, if there were only two left in the state and a lot of other combines (2012 models) are breaking down that means a crisis might just arrive. Maybe God worked in a mysterious way and purposely broke us down to make sure we'd get that part. I just hope that the rest of the combines that are breaking down can find ways to get fixed before the end of harvest, or before the winter weather sets in.

We're about 80% done with corn and about 95% done with beans. The beans are just so dry at this point they're already on the ground so harvesting them seems impossible. We really haven't had a good season so far, first no rain to help the crops grow meaning yields are down (majorly) and now the weather is too "perfect" meaning conditions are dry and we just don't have enough time in the day to get all of them out before they're too dry and popping out of their shells.

Corn is alright, we've actually had pretty good yields so far on the irrigated ground. Naturally you would assume that irrigated ground wouldn't really have a major difference compared to previous years because we obviously have water for the fields but just because we had the motors and pumps doesn't mean the water is in the ground. Bushels per acres is around 200 on most of the irrigated ground. Last year's b/a was on average of 205 on irrigated ground. So as you can tell little effect. As for the dry land corn, those yields aren't so hot, this year the average is around 10-60 bu/acre depending on the fields. Last years yields, the worst field we harvested was around 100 bu/acre. MAJOR difference here people!!

Change of subjects (ADHD kicking in here) but I found this article while skimming over LJS.com and I was in shock and utter surprise. The article was posted as: Nebraskan dies after being run over by combine. The article says that a man was ran over while measuring test plots. I cannot imagine how much trauma the families all felt. The only lesson we can learn from this tough situation is that both the person on the ground and the driver need to be aware of their surroundings. Driver's of combines have so many things going on that unless they know someone is around they don't really take the time to look behind them. Also, there are so many blind spots with a combine that it's hard to see what's behind you. You can literally hide a whole pick-up truck behind you without even seeing it unless you physically get out and check. 

I'm excited to announce we're coming down to our final weeks of harvest. I cannot believe we're only one month into it and almost done but I'm really excited. Travis even offered to maybe go on a mini vaca with me in celebration of harvest being over. Oh how fun would that be?! Let's just hope and pray that we finish up with no more break-downs or injuries.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend Review

What an awesome birthday weekend! I had so much fun with friends and family. I'm such a lucky lady!!

Friday I was awoke (at 7 am) to breakfast in bed. The meal was of course my fav, "runny egg sandwich" with bacon on the side. He even prepared the runny egg my way! (no oil or burnt edges on the egg with cheese and mustard on the toasted white bread). Then I took a cat nap until I got up to get ready for the day. My phone was blowing up with birthday messages from everyone and it was so awesome to see I mattered and people really did think of me on my day of birth! Got ready, put the horse back away (she's been getting out a lot lately) then headed up to Lincoln in prep for the fun filled girls day. We got up to Omaha and ate at the Bohemian Cafe.

I loved the Bohemian Cafe! They treated us so wonderful and they even surprised me with a birthday kolach! See that big mug in my hand? Ya, that's not coffee, it's a giant mug of Czech beer! My birthday dinner consisted of 1/4 roasted duck with bread dumplings and dill gravy. They had all you can eat bread and we even had some liver dumpling soup to boot. The girls were so awesome and surprised me by buying me lunch. They're so freakin awesome and I'm thankful they're my friends! Also, we took a picture of me with my painting inside of the cafe. Evidently someone thought I was cool enough to snap a shot of me and then proceed to paint me on a door in there... Ok so it wasn't me but I'll let you be the judge, it's pretty close!

After lunch we drove around trying to figure out the hotel situation, once we got to the hotel and finished getting ready we headed out to our main event for the evening. The DWIGHT YOAKAM CONCERT! We had such a blast!! Check out our pics:

Look how much luggage we drug with us for just one evening?! So gates opened at 6:00 and someone insisted we needed to be there super early so we could get really good seats. Well, we got there and two people (cough) took off running to get the best seats possible. We set up our chairs and relaxed for a couple minutes then went and found some drinks. We walked around and hung out for awhile before the concerts started. The opening act was Ben Taylor, I've never heard of him but he did sound good. Then it was time. We were all quite excited and I'm pretty sure we didn't sit for more than five minutes the entire concert.

After the concert we went to Harrah's to blow spend a little money. I didn't spend any, evidently I was too busy "harassing" this Aaron kid to care about the casino stuff. The Aaron kid, well, it's actually a random guy we found but we laughed because he looks like our friend Aaron. To make a long night short, we concert-ed, we gambled, we partied and we celebrated my 23rd birthday the only way we knew how. YEEEEOOOW'ing all the way.

Saturday we got up (late) and spent the early afternoon traveling back home. We ate at Granite City for lunch and proceeded home. I took a quick cat nap and then Travis came home from a broken combine. We went over to Bob & Cheri's cabin and watched the game with family and friends. I got to hang out with my dad (which I miss and love) and the rest of my family. I got presents from my parents and sis and was so excited to just be hanging out with them. I couldn't have had a better day planned out for the day after my birthday!

Sunday was a nice relaxed laid back kind of day. A little cleaning, some lounging in my hammock and a book. I finished putting away all my goodies from my birthday and Trav asked me to go help him grease the tractor (lame but hey, it's time we get to spend together so I'll take it).

The weekend flew by but I loved it. I enjoyed every minute of my friends and family spending time with me and I'm so so thankful I got to spend it with people who really enjoy my company (or so they say). A reflection of my 22nd year here on earth feels like there are so many overwhelming memories to try to capture them all in a sentence or two. I traveled many places, I improved myself, I made new friends, I lost some close loved ones, I graduated from college (once), I learned a lot about myself, I finished up a whole year working in the direct sales world (thanks Scentsy) and I had Travis, family and friends all along the journey pushing me to be the best I can be. I cannot imagine what's in store for my 23rd year but I do know that I want it to be an awesome year filled with happiness and memories. Happy 23rd birthday weekend to me :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

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