Tuesday, October 9, 2012

#15 from 101 in 1001

15. Run a mile in less than ten minutes without stopping

I did it, I really did it! I ran a WHOLE MILE in less than ten minutes! This, mind you, hasn't happened since high school but it just happened almost 5 years later! WooHoo!!

This might be a silly goal to accomplish but to me, it's a huge deal. I really miss my running and not necessarily the way I feel while I'm running but the feeling I get when I'm done running. I always feel like I'm dying but when I'm done, I feel like I just ran a marathon and I'm ready for me. (Or maybe I'm just not pushing myself hard enough?). This is one goal that is actually a positive and healthy goal for me to reach however and I hope that this new running thing is not a fad but a serious lifestyle change I choose to keep up with! 

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