Saturday, October 6, 2012

#36 from 101 in 1001

36. Host a baby shower for a friend or family member

I did it! I hosted a baby shower, it was totally last minute as I was told two weeks before but I ended up co-hosting my cousin's baby shower with my other cousin. It was so fun and I'm glad I was asked to do it, I was over-stressed at the time but looking back, it was something I'm proud we pulled off for a lovely mommy-to-be. All of the pinks that filled the room was such a cute site, we had plenty of cake and snacks for us to munch on and we played a couple games. We invited mostly our side of the family but when all the Zoubek's get together you can pretty much guess the laugh's you'll get out of us. Everyone won prizes and Kyla had us all test out her new foaming hand-sanitizer (which was sparkly to boot). Grandma's to be made some amazing quilts and baby J got so many cute new items! I was kinda impressed with my diaper cake making skills also, check out the pics!

Congrats Andrew & Missy on your new little bundle Jax Sue, she's a cutie!

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