Thursday, October 4, 2012

Farming On The Four's

I am sad to admit that I do not have any photo's to post this "four" because we've been busy!

We've had a couple major breakdowns that took us out of the field for a couple days. And of course, like any other major breakdown the timing was horrible. We broke down on a Saturday afternoon, took the combine home to pull it apart and came to find out we needed parts. Not just a simple run to the dealership kind of part, but a major part that required a massive man-hunt across the state. There were only three of these parts in the whole state so we got lucky enough to get one to us by Monday. Since the combine was under warranty the dealership had to come and work on it meaning they wouldn't get out there until Monday. Long story short (kinda), they get out there on Monday, fixed it and then Trav got back out to combine his little fields beans out. <---pun intended

Once we were fixed the service rep said he received two more calls with the same issues, looks like ours broke just in time after all, if there were only two left in the state and a lot of other combines (2012 models) are breaking down that means a crisis might just arrive. Maybe God worked in a mysterious way and purposely broke us down to make sure we'd get that part. I just hope that the rest of the combines that are breaking down can find ways to get fixed before the end of harvest, or before the winter weather sets in.

We're about 80% done with corn and about 95% done with beans. The beans are just so dry at this point they're already on the ground so harvesting them seems impossible. We really haven't had a good season so far, first no rain to help the crops grow meaning yields are down (majorly) and now the weather is too "perfect" meaning conditions are dry and we just don't have enough time in the day to get all of them out before they're too dry and popping out of their shells.

Corn is alright, we've actually had pretty good yields so far on the irrigated ground. Naturally you would assume that irrigated ground wouldn't really have a major difference compared to previous years because we obviously have water for the fields but just because we had the motors and pumps doesn't mean the water is in the ground. Bushels per acres is around 200 on most of the irrigated ground. Last year's b/a was on average of 205 on irrigated ground. So as you can tell little effect. As for the dry land corn, those yields aren't so hot, this year the average is around 10-60 bu/acre depending on the fields. Last years yields, the worst field we harvested was around 100 bu/acre. MAJOR difference here people!!

Change of subjects (ADHD kicking in here) but I found this article while skimming over and I was in shock and utter surprise. The article was posted as: Nebraskan dies after being run over by combine. The article says that a man was ran over while measuring test plots. I cannot imagine how much trauma the families all felt. The only lesson we can learn from this tough situation is that both the person on the ground and the driver need to be aware of their surroundings. Driver's of combines have so many things going on that unless they know someone is around they don't really take the time to look behind them. Also, there are so many blind spots with a combine that it's hard to see what's behind you. You can literally hide a whole pick-up truck behind you without even seeing it unless you physically get out and check. 

I'm excited to announce we're coming down to our final weeks of harvest. I cannot believe we're only one month into it and almost done but I'm really excited. Travis even offered to maybe go on a mini vaca with me in celebration of harvest being over. Oh how fun would that be?! Let's just hope and pray that we finish up with no more break-downs or injuries.


  1. How cool that you're almost done with harvest! We had some breakdowns this year too - such a pain!

  2. Oh I am so glad you are nearing the end of a very stressful busy season. The vacation would be nice. Your yields sound pretty good to me.
    I am so sorry to hear about the accident it can be a dangerous place to work. B

  3. Your yields sound great Kelsey -- hope your equipment stays up and running for you!

  4. Irrigation certainly seems to have saved your corn crops this year. I am relieved to be done with my harvest for the season.


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