Sunday, October 14, 2012

Farming On The Four's

With harvest over with we're busy doing all sorts of work that needed to get done during the month long harvest bonanza. We're going to pick up some new panels tomorrow, we'll get enough we could use them to set up two round pens if we've got cattle on two separate pastures instead of having to load them up at separate times so that works out great for us!

We've been busy putting up electric fence so we can get cattle out on the corn fields now which will help to keep feed costs down somewhat as they're eating the extra's off the fields. But we still need to bale up some corn stalks to help get through the winter. With the small amount of hay we cut and alfalfa bales we did get this winter might be a little tough on the farm. We did use some of the crappy yielding corn to make some silage but since we received little rain this year all of our feeding options are minimal compared to last year and we didn't minimalism the "herd" so it'll be interesting to watch what cattle and feed prices do this winter. I think us along with several other cattlemen/ranchers are going to suffer the loss of feed options and some might take huge hits trying to keep their cows full.

Thought I'd try something fun, I figured just to see what market prices will do with such an interesting year I thought I'd focus on a couple different stocks to watch and update everyone. I'll do the current month (Oct) and then maybe a futures? What do you guys think? Maybe do a once a month chart update on it or something fun? So here goes!

F Cattle- 1.451
Corn- 7.37
Beans- 15.01
(Prices taken from here)

Found this photo here and I love her work!!

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