Friday, October 5, 2012

Freebie Friday

These have been sitting around for awhile and I know I've been needing to post them. This is I'd say two weeks worth of freebies, I've been slacking on the freebie's lately. I guess when life gets busy I don't follow through with my blog posts. What a slacker on my part!!

This haul included Nexcare badages, Caress body wash, hand wipes (don't remember the brand but perfect for my purse!), Enfamil baby formula and coupons, Head & Shoulders shampoo/conditioner trial set, Always tampon packet, Downy Unstoppable sample size, Science Diet dog treats, Eucerin hand lotion, Magic Eraser coupons, WetJet pads, Luna fiber bars, Simple fiber bar, Simply trial lotion and a ton of coupons from random giveaways.

I've been working on my Company Contact Challenge a lot here lately and I'll post a more recent update of it here soon (hopefully). I'm actually kind of surprised with how many responses I've gotten. Some say no, others say they don't send coups and some are super generous and send me some. It's fun to try to get freebies or coupons from the companies that I already spend money with!

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