Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Harvest Has Officially Ended


This, my dear friends, means I have a boyfriend again. Or have a boyfriend who comes home half an hour earlier than normal, there's still fence that needs to get finished, cattle to be moved, ground to be worked before winter, tractors to be worked on and the never ending chores... But, I'm seriously so excited that we've finished up harvest I can barely contain my excitement. We finished up exactly 34 days after we started this grueling process. It's hard to believe that for 34 days straight Travis was doing 12-14 hour days non-stop for that long. I'm all about working and getting things done but in this 34 day period, he took a max of maybe two days off due to a small rain shower we had. That's dedication! He's the only one who runs the combine so for him, I cannot imagine the lack of sleep and continuous staring at corn and beans kind of day he goes through.

I didn't get my pics uploaded yet but I promsie to get some last day of harvest pics up. I didn't get too many because I was actually in Wilber doing a Scentsy open house but I still snapped a shot of us. The before and after shots always crack me up, I'm sure you'll find amusement in them too ;)

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