Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How You Know

This my dear friends, is how you know you've got a bestie you could NEVER get rid of. Not ever, even if she were to light my house on fire, steal my boy, empty my bank accounts, drink all my liquor and sing to me in her bestest singing voice....

Seriously though back to the flowers, I loved them, I'm not even ashamed to admit I kind of teared up, ok I cried when I got them! They turned my day around in a second and I'm so grateful she even thought about me enough to send me flowers!

It's funny how we live less than thirty miles apart but we never find time to meet up anymore with both of us being "adults" now and having full time jobs along with trying to juggle social lives and relationships among many other things.. We talk all the time on the phone and we're constantly texting each other but we're just so glad to be with our boys on the weekends (or anytime we can) that we don't have time to physically see each other. Oh well, I still love her with my whole butt (I would say heart but let's be honest, my butt is bigger).

I've always felt like the odd ball, the one who has a million "friends" on fbook but none that I'd really call a best friend. You know, like, that type of friend you, like, sit around with on a Friday night, like, watching chick flicks eating, like, popcorn and, like, gossiping about the latest news. I mean, I've got a ton of friends that I am constantly talking to but none I felt truly connected to that I can call up and just relax with, lounge and be myself. I just can't be "the real me" with a lot of the people I talk to because even though they claim they're non-judgmental you know the second they leave they're calling someone and saying crap about you.

Well here's my philosophy for the day. I've come to realize a true friend really isn't the one who sits around with you and makes cupcakes with you, but a true friend can in fact be a bestie that lives thirty miles away and you only see once a year (if that). A bestie is the person who listens to your emotions and is there to help calm you down when you're a basket case. I'm not saying they're overly obsessive and patiently sits there quietly while you blab but they listen to you and then tell you their honest opinion about the situation, weather you want to hear the truth or not. They're always sending random things to you that crack you up and make you LOL at work or in a place where you're supposed to be quiet. Also, you need to learn to be a bestie, you need to be a person that people are willing to deem trustworthy of private info whose willing to lend an ear when they need someone to lean on. **Key point: if they tell you something, you must keep it private unless instructed otherwise**

Seriously, if you don't have a bestie that sit's around with you and eats bon bons, don't feel like you're missing out. If you've got someone who loves you unconditionally, who you can talk about dirty deets and who listens to you complain about how your ovaries are killing you, keep her (or him). Everyone's besties are different, mine however, I love to the ends of the earth and would do anything for her!

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