Friday, October 26, 2012

Texas Trip (Part #1)

Ahhh! I've been so busy having fun I'm finally getting around to posting what we've been up to.

WEDNESDAY: We took off around 6am from my mom's house to pick up my aunt Bonita. From there we were ready to head south. Way south, like, all the way to Texas south. We made a couple pit stops on the way, like this sweet Christmas place in Tonkawa, Oklahoma where we shopped for Christmas decorations and then stopped to fill up gas across the street. Perhaps I could use this as a greetings card for our holiday cards we send out every year?!?!

We made it all the way from Dorchester, Nebraska to Dallas, Texas without any issues. We had time to make a pit stop at The Kolache Depot in Ennis (I pronounced it proudly, A-nnis, but was constantly corrected by mom). I wanted to see what these Texas kolache's were all about! I got one that was sour kraut and pork filled, and to my amazement they were pretty yummy. Our's usually consist of fruit fillings but I could maybe see myself capitalizing and branching out to make these new ones!

We made it to Katy, Texas around 9:30 pm after only three or four stops so I was actually quite pleased with how quick the fourteen hour drive trip took. We made only a couple wrong turns due to lane changing issues in Dallas and ended up in the ghetto area only once.

THURSDAY: We took the day kind of easy due to the fact that we traveled all day the day before. We had to get Haisley to preschool in the morning, I was the guest of honor so I got to meet her teacher. The preschool was cute and obviously kid-friendly. Most Texas mommies are SAHM so most of them were in work-out type clothes and were doing the run-around mommy thing.
After we dropped her off we had to go pick up our race-day packets with our numbers and all those goodies in it. Then Tina talked me into getting my "gait" tested, which is a fancy word for basically telling you if you're running right or if you need new shoes. Turns out, running on gravel is actually good for training and ankle strength, or so the guy told me. And those new kicks I got awhile back, they're great for stability running like I'm doing.

After packet pick-up we had to fly back to pick up Haisley from pre-school because she's only there for a couple hours. We picked her up, then headed back to their house for a couple hours of swinging and running around the backyard. We also, were lucky enough to catch a lizard like creature, I freaked and hid because I'm just not into reptile like animals but Tina and Haisley were proud of the lil critter and put it into a cage. I insisted the cage could fall apart and steered clear of the whole thing. I slowly came around and finally held the cage, evidently these little lizard things change colors to blend in with their surroundings like chameleons  do?! Kind of cool, but still, not cool enough to stick around me.

Then, it was off to the airport to pick up the man of the house, Dale. He was out of town on a business trip and was flying home Thursday around 3ish so we loaded up the kids and drove a good 45 minutes to the airport. I am still amazed at how crazy the drivers are down there, I couldn't believe the amount of people who cut each other off and how you really do have to "channel your inner Nascar driving skills" as Tina says. While in route, the kiddos crashed and we had some adult talk time. I always enjoy a good convo with Tina and it's nice to finally be able to talk in person instead of on cell phones, or fbook messaging! We waited around for Dale because there was a little mis-communication about where we were meeting. We cruised the airport for awhile and it was cool to see so many different kinds of planes. I snapped a picture of one that went over us. They had these sweet "bridges" you'd drive under while the plane was taking off on the run-way right above you! I was so impressed, it was really cool to have a plane launching right above me!!

We took him home after sitting in 5 o'clock traffic for awhile and we all decided to go out for a nice supper. Being indecisive with seven people really causes a mess so we finally just decided on a Mexican restaurant not too far from there house. The food was great, I ordered a chicken quesadilla because I'm not a branch out type of person and it didn't disappoint me. After we finished up supper we went back to the house and had a relaxed evening.

FRIDAY: Woke up around 9ish again, kind of the normal time range we're getting up which is perfectly fine with me. Tina, me and the kids took off for the Houston Zoo while Dale, Bonita and my mom went the other direction and went a food market type of grocery store where they did food lessons and had crazy foods that you can't get everywhere.

We had a blast at the zoo with the kids! . It was so exciting because I got to feed a giraffe! The kiddos were too excited as well, Rowan wasn't being patient and waiting for his turn in line and kept trying to cut in front of people. When we finally got up to where you got the pieces of lettuce to feed the giraffes they couldn't contain their excitement any longer. For that reason, here's the type of pictures you get when you ask them to smile quick before we feed them...

And if you think that picture is hilarious  check out this one of Rowie and me, he was asked to "smile" and this is what we got. He's such a ham, and always cracking us up. As far as the zoo itself, it (in my personal opinion) wasn't as good as Omaha's zoo. They did have different animals that I didn't see in Omaha like flamingos, elephants, giraffes and penguins but I just wasn't as impressed. The placement of the different exhibits were kind of thrown together and there wasn't a really good layout of where you're supposed to go from place to place. I like how you can just go in one pattern like formation and hit all the exhibits instead of having to cross across the zoo to find all of them. Check out this cute shot of the kiddos loving the giraffe, I remembered her name the whole way home. I get home and post this, yup, forget the nice ladies name! But she was so fascinating!

Here are some silly snap shots we got of us at the zoo, the kids were too busy playing on the dinosaur to care that I borrowed their stroller for a quick rest. (Don't judge but yes, the front tire was low and my weight did make it look flat)

We also took time for a quick "picnic" with Haisley's animals she brought with. They must have liked the zoo because I didn't hear a peep out of them the whole trip.

After we got back from the zoo we just kind of rested up. The mom's and Dale went to a restaurant that was on the Food Network show "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives" so they were all excited about it. We choose simple fast food option instead. I don't mind a good fast food meal occasionally  ;) We all came back to the house and just relaxed a bit. We knew we had race day in the morning so we took it easy for the most part. Dale was in charge of putting kids to bed and me and Tina kind of vegged out and watched tv/fbooked together. It's just so fun to finally be around the kids and Tina (ok fine, Dale too).

I'll update you guys with a post just about race day next! Stay tuned for the second post in the saga series about my amazing Texas Trip!

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