Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

This week was fun, and it was filled with many surprises. I'm so grateful to have such awesome friends and family, plus I'm thankful fall weather is finally setting in. Hello hoodies and sweatpants!

  • Dad & Mom's 32nd wedding anniversary
  • Another PR in the running department, loving my times it's just too bad that we're doing a 5k and not a 1m
  • Harvest for almost being over with meaning "the boy is back in town" (sing that part)
  • The combine for having a fairly simple fix so we can finish up harvesting
  • Lunch dates with friends
  • Haircut! I love it, the feeling of getting your hair freshly cleaned up, and I love the colors added back into my limp locks, now let's hope it doesn't fade out soon
  • Blogging buddies who have hilarious stories that fill my days at work with laughter (somebody's gotta make my day better)
  • A quick phone call to dad wishing them a happy anniversary (I promise the card is still sitting at the house)

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