Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

I'm going off my rocker, I keep complaining about how busy my week is but I feel like every week is busier than the previous one. Let's hope sometime it'll slow down, with holiday's and winter coming up that means I might spend a little more time inside finding time to finish up some more of my 101 in 1001's. The weather is finally shaping up to be cold fall conditions. This week it's been in the 60's again.

  • Lunch date's with friends
  • Subway, Christina's and Runza for feeding my lazy rear since I obviously can't make my own meals
  • God for remembering to wake me up today
  • Scentsy shows for giving me a couple more orders
  • New sports bra (hey, the simple things in life are the best)
  • Flowers being sent to me by my bestie, she knows me too well
  • Harvest for finally being over
  • Texts from old college friends I haven't seen in a couple years
  • A hug from a co-worker who I've learned to lean on a lot lately
  • Pandora for giving me my fav stations
  • Pinterest for distracting me when I need to be working 
  • New friendships for forming and learning to have a prayer buddy
  • My Texas vaca coming up next week!! (insert my happy dance and imagine me jumping up and down in circles nearly hurting myself)
  • Running for becoming less painful and a little easier to bear, who said workouts were fun obviously was already in shape!
  • Leefer (our horse) for always giving me a couple big neigh's when I get home, it's a constant reminder that no one else may miss me, but she sure does or she's just reminding me to feed her
  • Wilber youth for helping me to love leading you guys, I cannot wait to see the youth group take off
  • The yard light for working again, makes those late nights easier to feed the animals when we can actually see who we're feeding
  • Craft shows this weekend, now let's bank on them bringing in enough income to finish up my Christmas shopping list and cross everyone off that still needs gifts
  • My Tahoe for staying somewhat clean due to the lack of rain and mud that follows
  • Homework for going smoothly so far, luckily no big bumps in the road and I'm actually finishing things a couple days ahead of time instead of the evening it's due
  • Photos to look back on and remind myself how much life has changed in the past couple of years

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