Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend Review

What an awesome birthday weekend! I had so much fun with friends and family. I'm such a lucky lady!!

Friday I was awoke (at 7 am) to breakfast in bed. The meal was of course my fav, "runny egg sandwich" with bacon on the side. He even prepared the runny egg my way! (no oil or burnt edges on the egg with cheese and mustard on the toasted white bread). Then I took a cat nap until I got up to get ready for the day. My phone was blowing up with birthday messages from everyone and it was so awesome to see I mattered and people really did think of me on my day of birth! Got ready, put the horse back away (she's been getting out a lot lately) then headed up to Lincoln in prep for the fun filled girls day. We got up to Omaha and ate at the Bohemian Cafe.

I loved the Bohemian Cafe! They treated us so wonderful and they even surprised me with a birthday kolach! See that big mug in my hand? Ya, that's not coffee, it's a giant mug of Czech beer! My birthday dinner consisted of 1/4 roasted duck with bread dumplings and dill gravy. They had all you can eat bread and we even had some liver dumpling soup to boot. The girls were so awesome and surprised me by buying me lunch. They're so freakin awesome and I'm thankful they're my friends! Also, we took a picture of me with my painting inside of the cafe. Evidently someone thought I was cool enough to snap a shot of me and then proceed to paint me on a door in there... Ok so it wasn't me but I'll let you be the judge, it's pretty close!

After lunch we drove around trying to figure out the hotel situation, once we got to the hotel and finished getting ready we headed out to our main event for the evening. The DWIGHT YOAKAM CONCERT! We had such a blast!! Check out our pics:

Look how much luggage we drug with us for just one evening?! So gates opened at 6:00 and someone insisted we needed to be there super early so we could get really good seats. Well, we got there and two people (cough) took off running to get the best seats possible. We set up our chairs and relaxed for a couple minutes then went and found some drinks. We walked around and hung out for awhile before the concerts started. The opening act was Ben Taylor, I've never heard of him but he did sound good. Then it was time. We were all quite excited and I'm pretty sure we didn't sit for more than five minutes the entire concert.

After the concert we went to Harrah's to blow spend a little money. I didn't spend any, evidently I was too busy "harassing" this Aaron kid to care about the casino stuff. The Aaron kid, well, it's actually a random guy we found but we laughed because he looks like our friend Aaron. To make a long night short, we concert-ed, we gambled, we partied and we celebrated my 23rd birthday the only way we knew how. YEEEEOOOW'ing all the way.

Saturday we got up (late) and spent the early afternoon traveling back home. We ate at Granite City for lunch and proceeded home. I took a quick cat nap and then Travis came home from a broken combine. We went over to Bob & Cheri's cabin and watched the game with family and friends. I got to hang out with my dad (which I miss and love) and the rest of my family. I got presents from my parents and sis and was so excited to just be hanging out with them. I couldn't have had a better day planned out for the day after my birthday!

Sunday was a nice relaxed laid back kind of day. A little cleaning, some lounging in my hammock and a book. I finished putting away all my goodies from my birthday and Trav asked me to go help him grease the tractor (lame but hey, it's time we get to spend together so I'll take it).

The weekend flew by but I loved it. I enjoyed every minute of my friends and family spending time with me and I'm so so thankful I got to spend it with people who really enjoy my company (or so they say). A reflection of my 22nd year here on earth feels like there are so many overwhelming memories to try to capture them all in a sentence or two. I traveled many places, I improved myself, I made new friends, I lost some close loved ones, I graduated from college (once), I learned a lot about myself, I finished up a whole year working in the direct sales world (thanks Scentsy) and I had Travis, family and friends all along the journey pushing me to be the best I can be. I cannot imagine what's in store for my 23rd year but I do know that I want it to be an awesome year filled with happiness and memories. Happy 23rd birthday weekend to me :)

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