Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Review

What a busy weekend. I've been really busy running around doing everything at once it seems but this weekend I really didn't get much sleep.

Friday- After work I flew home so we could grab the truck and go pick up some new cattle panels. Travis and me then got back to Wilber, grabbed some supper at Subway and then went down to the Legion to get all the tables moved around and set-up for the craft show. We were there until nearly ten so by the time we got home, got all of my goodies packed up and ready to go in the morning it was late.

Saturday- What an early morning. I was out of bed by 6:45 (major accomplishment for me) because we had to be there to let vendors in and also to get the rest of the tables set up. We finally got set up and enjoyed some time chatting with new vendors and figuring out what we'd like to do the next round of shows. We had a great turn out in Wilber with the city wide garage sales and a trap shoot going on the turnout was better than normal we thought. We'd love to continue to do shows in Wilber and hopefully some other small towns if we have enough interest. Saturday after the show I went home to get a little housework done and then once Travis finished up working on some fence we got cleaned up and headed to Wilber to go see what was going on downtown. It was the twins' birthday so they had an 80's themed birthday night at the bar. It was so fun, I kind of regret not dressing up now... Here's a picture of some of the cutest lookin gals!

Sunday- We of course stayed too late Saturday evening so Sunday morning was a struggle considering we had little sleep the night before and had to be up to get the show ready for vendors and customers to arrive. Made it (only 30 minutes late) and got everyone set up in time to open the doors at 11 am on the dot. I enjoy craft shows and all the sales that go with it but I despise setting up and taking down the tables. After the craft show I raced quick to Wilber for a youth group meeting, which is always filled with some good stories about the Amish, and then flew home to work on homework that was due at midnight. I finished up homework in time and collapsed onto the couch, just when I was about to fall asleep Trav comes in the house making a loud ruckus causing me to wake up again.... Someday I'll learn to tune him out and get some sleep, but until then, I'll be tired and groggy the next day.

The weekend was filled with busy things and I am realizing the lack of sleep I got because I'm dragging today and my headache is worse than normal. Today I came to work and tomorrow I'll be at work but come Wednesday this girl is checking out of 68343 and into Katy, Texas for a week! Ohhh, this girl's so excited! Stay tuned and I'll fill you in on my vaca trip to go see the Zoubek's!

Oh, PS, want a good laugh? Check this video out! 
I was almost peeing my pants laughing too hard.

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