Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Community Toy Drive

Every year I do a toy drive and donate all of the toys collected to families in the area that are in need and the rest go to the Marine sponsored Toys for Tots program. In the past we've been fortunate enough to receive hundreds of toys and this year I hope (and pray) that we will receive enough to supply not only the families around here that have requested toys but also supply toys to those at Epworth Village. This year however, I took it upon the Youth Group that I'm in charge of to take charge and use this toy drive as a development for giving to those less fortunate than us. We have found something a little closer to home this year that we're directly donating toys to, it's located in York and it's actually a great organization that needs all the help it can receive! We're also giving toys to those in our community that are in need of the extra help. I have had a couple of families contact me already this year and I'm fully intending on supporting one of the families all by myself. I love sponsoring those who are in need and I know the reason God has blessed me with so many opportunities in my life are reasons alone to give to those less fortunate. Here's the poster we created that has more information:

If you can help in any way please feel free to! Weather you can afford to get one toy or ten any help is much appreciated. Also, gift cards work great as we do have families in our area that are needing the help and this can be used to help them get specific items their children have asked for. Thanks in advance!!

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