Sunday, November 4, 2012

Farming On The Four's

Hold the phones! Send your kids back to bed! Tell the dog to walk himself! I've got some amazing pictures to show you guys today!! Awhile back we had some fall/harvest pics done by one of our amazingly talented friends Nicole Schweitzer, we got the pictures back and here are the results. They're all so gorgeous! I love them! So, without further blabbing, here you guys go!

To the average Joe, these pics may just look like what you found when you Google'd Case IH Combine or harvest but to me, these pictures mean so much more! These pictures are what we live off of, our main source of income. These pictures really capture what we work year round for, to pull our gambled money off of the fields and send them to town to "cash in" our paychecks. I may not be a Nerud but these boys work their rears off and I'm pretty proud of them. I hope everyone else had a safe and successful harvest!!

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  1. Such incredible shots! I love the combine.

  2. Following from the Rural Thursday Blog Hop. Great site!

  3. Stopping by from Rural Thursday. What beautiful harvest photos. You are so right about working their rears off. I farmers life is the best life around my area. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love these photos! Awesome! I think I need to check out Rural Thursday blog hop.

  5. I forgot to tell you I grew up in Northwest Iowa. Kind of close to NE.


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