Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kelsey's Grocery Store

Welcome to my grocery store! Oh, what's that? You want to know where the paper towels are? Oh, ya look is Isle 1 on the top shelf for those. You're also looking for pasta sauce? Ya, try Isle 4, first shelf on the far right side.

Yes, this is a creepy look into my basement grocery store. This is where the over flow of groceries and stock of household items goes. You already know I coupon regularly but here's a little look into how much I have really built up by couponing and watching good sales. I do splurge once in awhile and buy other necessities but for the most part my rule is that it either has to be on sale or have a coupon for me to buy it.

Isle 1: This isle is dedicated to paper products, chips, boxed/dry goods, drinks and tampons er "feminine products". Paper products (tp and paper towels) I can typically find coupons for and some things you just have to spend the extra money on so we usually stock up if there's a sale or we've got coups. Dry goods, well everyone knows my love for Hamburger Helper and yes I've got on hand at any given time at least 5-10 boxes so those are never bought unless they're couponed and price matched for under $1/piece. As for other boxed dry goods we do the price comparison, sometimes store brand really is cheaper so we choose those instead if we're in need. Drinks are a specialty items and aren't bought unless they're on sale, then we stock up on them. We typically try to keep pop on hand but I hate the cost of it so unless they're on sale we try to stay away from buying it. And as for "feminine products" I always have plenty on hand in case of a flood. Right now I've got enough boxes of them to last until Armageddon!

Isle 2: We've got all sorts of randoms in this isle. Top shelf is where our storage for coolers and crockpots. It just works and it keeps them out of the kitchen as these aren't daily needed items for us. Come winter I usually drag the crockpot upstairs and it stays up there until spring rolls around. Next row includes snacks and canned goods. Typically soup is an on stock item and we've got a spin cabinet thingy (yes that's the official name) upstairs that holds most of our canned goods so this is just over flow from that. It also is the shelf to find snack foods like Pop-Tarts, granola bars, quick microwave meals and pudding/jello mixes. Since we're both busy we usually try to keep some kind of quick meal option available. That or if one of us doesn't have any leftovers to take for lunch the next day we'll grab a micro-meal and take that with us. The next shelf down is the junk shelf, everything from shampoo, deodorant, soap, lotions, shaving creams, disinfectant wipes, fabreeze, all the way down to the detailed stuff, razors, batteries, band-aids, samples from companies, aspirins. You name it, this junk spot has it. And on the floor you see we have our pop section. I really wish we didn't have this much pop in the house, but we do, and we drink it... I've found though, that by leaving it downstairs NOT in a fridge we drink less of it because it's not cold and right there in our faces. It works for us anyways.

Isle 3: Big pots and roasters go up on the top shelf, it's the least used items so they typically stay out of my way up there (and I can't reach them either). Next shelf is dedicated to my baking goodies. Chocolate chips, veggie oil, corn syrup, flour and sugar are staples to start with so we've got a shelf full of them. I don't do a ton of homemade baked goods but I was always taught you should have the essentials on hand just in case so that's what I do! Next shelf also consists of some baking supplies but mostly condiments are held here. I know I go a little overboard on the condiments section but I can't help it! There are so many good deals that sometimes you've gotta take them up on the offer! No, I'm not the psychos one that hoards 100 jars of BBQ sauce but I do typically have 2-3 for those "just in case" type of things, plus they double as steak marinades. And on the floor I have all my zip-lock baggies, tin foils, coffee filters and extra garbage bags. Along with that crate I have another one filled with household cleaners. Also, there's the spare paper plates and those goodies down there.

Isle 4: I've got our spare lantern and extra oil on the top shelf because anyone who knows Nebraska knows that in more than one situation you need to have an emergency lantern ready to go, weather it be tornado's knocking the power out or a snow storm there's bound to be the need for the light. Oh, and of course more roasters on top as you can never have enough. Grandma's roasters just can't get thrown away, they're too awesome and useful! Next shelf down is my boxed baking goods section. You never know if you'll need a spare box of  brownies or cupcakes so I try to keep at least 3-5 on hand at any given time. Just in case I find out I need to make a neighbor or co-worker cupcakes for the birthday. ;) I throw the pouches of cookies alongside the boxes and stack the frosting on top for quick reference  Makes it easy to pick them all out at once. I hope someday to find some awesome homemade recipes to make my own but until I have more time to make things from scratch I'll stick to my boxed treats. Next shelf down is all of the rest of the sauces and dips. Also included are this year's supply of canned goods. These are older pics and don't show that we made pasta sauces, spicy tomato juices and chili sauce. After that shelf the floor consists of my prideful laundry detergent. At one time I calculated it out and at any given time I usually have at least 365 loads worth of detergent. So basically, I could do one load of laundry a year for the next year without needing to buy more. I have the dryer sheets stacked to the side but I'm considering doing an overhaul of the grocery store and re-organizing all of the goodies. Not sure I exactly like the way it's set up as of now.

So, now that you've seen my grocery store. What are your thoughts? It's a little overwhelming I know, but I love it. Trav will sometimes come home and I'll giddily grab his hand and pull him downstairs to come see my new haul worth of groceries. I get so excited and love adding to my piles of goodness! I really want to invest in a spare fridge but Trav's not on board yet. We really could use the extra space, even if we'd use it just for pop and beer. We're kind of running out of space in our fridge upstairs and I contribute it to Trav thinking he needs a good 12-18 pack of beer in the fridge at any given time. (not needed) I'm hoping to get a couple other posts later down the line about how I got all of these items for free or at a super cheap price. I love couponing but lately coups have taken the back burner because I'm been super busy.

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  1. We have an old fridge in our garage exclusively for pop, beer, fresh farm eggs and extra milk (we go through 3-4 gallons a week) in the fridge and extra flour and stored ice for coolers in the freezer. I'm surprised Travis is against a second fridge. You can find an old one pretty easily...just ask around maybe someone is finally upgrading their old electrical hog or you could maybe find a newish one that uses less energy, which would save you in the future.

  2. Oh yeah...and that is A LOT of laundry detergent! :)

  3. hehe yes it is a lot, but we can never have enough! it doesnt go bad and we'll always need it! i keep talking him into one but he doesn't want to move one. i'd love to keep flour and those kinda goodies tucked away in a freezer but we just dont have the room in our chest one. we dont normally go through as much milk but i do a once a week shopping trip. would love to cut it to every other week so that'd work great! i've been searching for cheap ones so just a matter of time to find a junker no one else wants!

  4. oh my goodness!! This makes me SO jealous! I am dying over the laundry detergents...we run out on a weekly basis and will go days without going and buying more so it amazes me people have it stockpiled! :)

    ps-you are certainly organized, there is no doubt about that!

  5. As much as I love the IDEA of couponing and stockpiling, I find that most of the coupons I come across are for things I don't use/buy. I'll stock up on paper towels and TP now and again, or maybe toothpaste, but that's about it. I'm afraid to stock up on soda because I'll drink it all! I can't help but envy folks like you who make it work and am often enthralled by watching those coupon shows on TV. :) [#TALU]

    1. Sometimes I agree. I've found that some of the products with coups aren't ones I'd normally buy so I feel no point in spending money on products I don't use! Lately I've gotten lucky and we like to try new things if they're super cheap. Thanks for stopping by! :D


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