Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I love seeing everyone's thankful's for the days of November! How exciting to see that everyone else is opening their eyes to realize that our lives are truly blessed with so many wonderful gifts. Did you notice the new layout? Did ya? Did ya! Well, what do you think? Yay? Nay? Thoughts are always welcome and needed

  • My list of thankful's has grown to over 500! I'm so glad that in less than less than 7 months I've got so many awesome things surrounding my life that I have to be thankful for!
  • Successful Holiday Open Houses as they're not only bringing in Christmas spending money but also putting my name out there in the community! The best business is the random business ;)
  • The opportunity to meet new friends via blogging
  • My parents for teaching me that giving is more important than taking, I love Christmas because I can give to those in need
  • A new water filter system that we bought this past weekend, now let's hope I see results and the water isn't so gross. (I'm convinced it's going to affect my uterus in turn causing me to have mutilated babies someday!)
  • Warm fuzzy sweaters to hide behind during my lazy dress up days at work
  • Thankful that I have the opportunity to finish up my second degree from college. Some of my classmates are finished with one or are still working on completing one but I've got two, how special
  • Close family friends for inviting us over for a wonderful deer season opening day celebration
  • My sister for making a random week night stop at the house
  • Travie for spending more time with me, finally I've got the boy back (and I'm loving it!!)
  • Mom for her random calls
  • Dad for his reminder e-mails about how much he loves me, it's always great to get those ;)
  • Facebook for allowing me to buy other people's used junk and also for other people buying my used junk (I seriously sold water bottles on there!)
  • Whhhheeat Thins, come on, admit it, you said it like this
  • Coffee!! Oh, and hot chocolate
  • The lovely temps we've had thus far, so far no cold to complain about really!
  • Pandora's Christmas station
  • Peppermint chocolate bark candy, yummy
Ohh and PS:
Found this and 
about died laughing. 
Does anyone else besides 
me have this issue?! ;)

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  1. Now I'm going to check out Pandora's Christmas station. Love the list. You should link up with me for Sunday Gratitudes this week.


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