Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This week is SUPER special and I'm posting it a day early because we will all be shoveling our faces while enjoying the company of friends and family. It's so awesome to see everyone doing the thankful thing in November but I strongly encourage everyone to continue it after the holiday seasons. Ohh, and I just added more to my Book Club page, check it out!

  • Holiday craft shows for going so awesome and bringing in shopping money
  • Friendships I've gained through craft shows, I have gotten to know other ladies I would have never met otherwise
  • My NEW B&N Nook, now let's hope I read more ;)
  • Mom for calling to check up on me, just making sure things are going great
  • The youth group kids for giving me a night out to have fun and remind me of my youthfulness I once had (don't mistake my childish ways for youthfulness)
  • Travis for cleaning the kitchen without me even asking
  • The Lord for blessing me with having Derek, Heavy D, touch my life. The reasons for taking a high school friend are still unknown to us on earth but God has placed such a special person here to teach us that tomorrow is a gift and we should cherish our loved ones as much as possible on a daily basis. 
  • My job, I've been thankful for it for over three years, but taking a step back, I truly am thankful to have an employment in such a tough economy, I know I complain a lot and I know I am selfishly ungrateful but, at least I have a job and I'm capable of bringing in an income to help support our needs
  • Facebook for allowing me to keep up with friends and family who I don't see on a daily basis
  • My blogging buddies for staying tuned in on my boring mid-western life and all the excitement I don't offer (thanks for not abandoning me yet!)
  • The fellowship of friends and family on the thanksgiving holiday weekend
  • The extra shopping money that will allow me to get my shop on during Black Friday (yup, I'm crazy but I'm doing the shopping thing again this year)
  • All of the food that will fill my belly and give me another reason to work out even harder
  • The Lord for giving me the opportunity to serve others through the holiday season with my toy drive that I started as a personal goal that has grown in four short years to what is now a community wide effort!
  • The gorgeous 50-60 degree weather we've been blessed with in November
  • Travis' undying playfulness and truly for caring for me, I felt super sick a couple days ago and on the drive back from Lincoln he called just to check on me and make sure I was making it home safe, that guy still impresses me every now and then :)
  • The grace of knowing when to keep my trap shut in a situation where I so badly want to tell someone how I really feel about their opinion
  • I'm super duper thankful I get to see and spend time with my dad, mom and lil brat sissy that I don't take enough time out of my life to see as often as I should!
  • Being almost 90% done Christmas shopping before the month of December

PS- Pllllleeease if you haven't done so yet, "follow" me! I love seeing I have buddies! I know some of you check in daily and I love you for it :)

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