Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Well, everyone's still posting their "thankful's" for November and I'm still posting my weekly thankful's. The picture kind of sums up all of the things I'm thankful for but I figured I should probably post some more of my own instead too ;)

  • The Lord for waking me up on this sunny morning
  • Fresh raspberries for snacking on
  • Filtered safe drinking water
  • Scentsy orders for being sorted and ready to be delivered
  • The friendship that me and my sister have finally come to appreciate (we used to attempt murder almost daily upon each other)
  • My Droid phone for working even though I curse it a lot for being slow or not working to my standards
  • For being able to get back into the swing of things and going to church choir practice again
  • Selling more of my clothes that I don't wear, hello Christmas money!
  • Gift cards for racking up, I know one of these days I will cash in my Swagbucks and get some awesome Christmas presents for my friends and family members
  • Barnes & Noble Membership Card for allowing me to feed into my habbit of buying more books cheaper
  • A job to come to everyday in this tough economy
  • A co-worker for challenging me to learn more about the Bible while helping to show her the goodies the Lord has to offer all of us!
  • The opportunity to vote and let my voice be heard (ok, but seriously, enough about the polictical garbage. Here's my quote from fbook, "Whether you made a MITTstake and voted for Romney or you choose to vote for NObama isn't the major question. It's the fact that you should thank God for having the opportunity to do so. We're blessed to be in a country where people served for us to make our voices heard and we should be thankful we have the opportunity to do so!"
  • A dinner date night with Travis and the opportunity to have our seed company cater us a wonderful meal
  • My books I'm reading for giving me an escape from reality and reminding me that the Lord is my ultimate life goal

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