Thursday, November 29, 2012

Toy Drive Expands

This just in! I made the news! A whole article's worth... Thanks so much for this awesome article Timothy Linscott it's well written and means so much! Now, if the community wants to jump in and help out the Mustache Crew get lots of donations feel free to contact us! Thanks again for all of the support I've received over the previous years, this community project is just amazing and I love giving back to those in need! Warms my heart!!! Here's the article in the Wilber Republican, also, here's what it says if you don't go to the actual news article.

"Kelsey Homolka of Wilber has had a strong sense of community for many years. She’s volunteered and been involved with community projects since she was a child and, as an adult, that love of helping people in need has grown.

What has also grown is her current community project: a toy drive.

Four years ago Homolka decided to do a toy drive for families in need in Wilber and collected names of people in need, put a public plea out for toys and received 100 toys. In her second year, 2010, she received 225 toys and was able to help more families. Last year, Homolka received such an outpouring of toys that she could not count the number of donations.
"We received donations even after the holidays and it was just tremendous," Homolka said, wanting to do even better than last year.
This year she has expanded the coverage area to not just Wilber but the surrounding area, including Crete, Milford, Clatonia, Plymouth and DeWitt. She explained, ‘just about anywhere in this area that has a family that needs help, I will try to help them.’
The program is straightforward: local families or organizations contact her with the names of a family in need, how many children, their ages, and what they would like for Christmas. She puts together boxes for the family out of the donations and delivers them to a local drop-off location or to the family directly.
"I think this is great that the program is growing. I wanted to do something for the Wilber area and I think it is cool we can do this for a family in need," Homolka said, adding that she does not ask about the situation the family is in, just simply taking their word that they are in need. "I go by the honor system. No questions asked."
Homolka will have a donation box at the Wilber Hometown Holidays event at Sokol Hall this weekend, December 1-2.
All local families on the list will be taken care of this holiday season and all left-over toys will be given to Epworth Village in Grand Island and York.
Homolka recently attended a community church service in Plymouth that included several different church groups and members. The director of Epworth Village was on hand and talked about the need for toys for the children at the Village.
Epworth Village is located in York and Grand Island. It is no longer an orphanage but has now created a modern state-of-the art program for make children ages 7 to 18 and their families who are dealing with severe, emotional and behavioral disorders. If you would like more information about Epworth Village you can go to their website at:
The Methodist Women sponsor Epworth Village and have been active in helping Homolka with the toy drive.
To donate or contact Homolka on a family in need, call (402) 826-9245 or e-mail
There will be several drop-off locations around the local communities and include:
Wilber – City Office, Saline Elder Care, First State Bank, Farmers and Merchants Bank, Wilber Post Office, Barnas Drug, Karen’s Salon and United Methodist Church.
Clatonia – Clatonia Post Office and United Methodist Church.
Plymouth – Country Store, Plymouth Grocery, Peace United Methodist Church and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.
This season’s collection ends December 15, 2012.
Toys needed especially this year include: LEGO sets, hand-held games, board games, Hot Wheels sets, radio/alarm clocks, remote control cars/trucks/vehicles, gift sets (cologne, body spray, body wash, etc.), baseball/football cards, gift cards from retailers, DVD movies rated PG or G, small MP3 players that play music only (no internet or recording capabilities), Teen/Young adult books, puzzle books (word search, crossword, Sudoku, etc.), model cars, personal sports equipment (balls, baseball gloves, etc. ). Other toys, clothes or gifts that would make a good gift will be accepted." 
-Tim Linscott 11/28/12
Here's the poster and a link to the article I posted a couple weeks ago about the toy drive. Again, Thank you everyone for the support, no matter your size of donation every little bit counts!


  1. Omgoodness girl!! This almost made me cry reading it--emotional me! :) you are an angel in disguise to many families and i cant imagine the joy you bring to those little faces. What a sweetheart!! Im sure youve earned an automatic pass to heaven by now! :) Im glad to call you my blogger friend :) keep doing what youre doing!

    1. You're such a sweetie! I feel like I really don't deserve the credit. I'm just the middle man! The community are the donater's and I just re-arrange it all so that the families can receive the help that's needed! It's really the community who deserves the credit on their help and support!!


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