Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend In Review

This weekend was so much fun! I love having a weekend to be lazy but I have to admit a weekend full of activities can be just as rewarding knowing I'm blessed to have friends and family to spend my time with.

Friday- We were lucky enough to (finally) celebrate Jenny turning 21! WooHoo!! It's hard for all of us friends from high school to get together on certain nights during the week so it was an extra special treat to all meet up and socialize together for her birthday. She's such a sweetheart and deserved the surprise party. We've really grown close over the past couple years and it's nice to have such a great friend. We of course had to take shots to help celebrate her coming of age so everyone celebrated a little harder than normal. I was nice and gave her the usual, Tequila Rose shot that I give all of my younger buddies. However, her grandpa offered to buy all of us friends a shot of straight Tequila, I graciously said thanks but no thanks and the boys were the crazy ones who agreed to do the shots instead with her grandpa.

Oh, did I mention those boys were up to no good and NEVER ask them to watch your purse if you decide to go socialize with the girls. You'll come back to a purse loaded with a six or twelve pack worth of empty beer bottles, about ten plastic shot cups hidden in your purse and your socks and mittens pulled out of your purse. Oh, you'll also later after cleaning all that crap out discover a cupcake crammed in there. Just take the cupcake and shove it into one of their faces (preferably one named Timmy).

Also, we had some hooligans try to share some cupcakes. The boys thought it'd be cute to all take a bite together from the same cupcake. Adorbs? We all laughed so hard we couldn't really get any good shots of the turds.

We had an absolute blast at the bar that evening!! Jenny's mom handed out raffle tickets to all of her friends. I was excited because of all of the raffle tickets given out I was the winner of the raffle! My "prize" was a free drink of my choice. Ok, so maybe everyone else who got a raffle ticket won too but oh well! I'm so lucky to be spoiled with such fun friends. I wish I could see them daily like I did when we were all in school but I guess growing up requires you to stop hanging out with them. Luckily, we all stay in pretty close contact and attempt to all meet up at least once a month. We're hoping to plan another fun filled Christmas party this year, featuring of course an ugly sweater party and a white elephant gift exchange. We really don't need to make it a themed party to all get together but it's so much more fun!

Saturday- What a fun filled day of cleaning and getting to finally spend a little time with Dad and all of our fun family friends! I started the day bright and early (ok so only 9 am but that's early for me on the weekends). I got a lot of house work and cleaning done, even had a little time to catch up on some DVR's that have been patiently waiting for me to view them. It was super windy on Saturday, like so windy I had to turn the tv volume up to 15 instead of the normal 10 I listen to it on! But, it was opening day of deer season so it was fun to see all of my friends' pictures and updates on their deer killing skills. We don't make a huge deal out of deer season as usually Travis is busy doing other work but it's always fun to go out if we have a nice day and sit in the deer blind together. Maybe later this week we'll have a free day and try to get out there together.

Trav came home later around 5ish and we got ready to head to the cabin to go hang out with friends and family for the first annual SCHMUCK DAYS! Ok, so before I get too far ahead of myself, I'm sure you're wondering what exactly is a schmuck? Well, according to Wikipedia a schmuck is "pejorative meaning an obnoxious, contemptible, or detestable person, or one who is stupid or foolish."

Well, you can make your judgments, but we'll wish you guys a Happy Schmuck Days anyways! We invited the Clarkson Crew down and it was a big ol jam out Bohemian Polka Party at the cabin down by the river. We also had all the boys from deer camp huddled around outside exchange tales about who got what. The food was super yummy and the company was so amazing. You can never spend enough time with family so this was by far the best part of my weekend. The Clarkson Crew is always fun and Dale was of course cracking me up the entire time, never missing a beat. Travis got the low down from Cheri and the girls about what type of sparkly Christmas present he should be shopping for this holiday season and he also got some pointers on what not to buy. It's always funny to watch him just stand there and stare blanky at them when they are explaining things to him.

I'd have to say the first annual event was a success and I know the next morning several people were thankful the night ended somewhat early. I cannot wait for Clarkson to host next year and to get to go visit them for an evening filled with polkas and partying.

Sunday- I finally got to go back to church and I loved it! I've been missing my small little church so much lately and I was so graciously surprised to be welcomed back with such loving hearts! I brought Sheri with me and she's been wanting to join a local church and she said she felt so welcomed she wants to go back again. I sand with our choir on Sunday, it was fun, I used to sing with the choir when I was in high school but then college and jobs got in the way so I kind of faded from the church scene. Luckily, I'm back and I'm jumping in with both feet. I love the youth group kids and I love being back involved in our church.

After church I had to run to Lincoln to drop off some goodies I sold and also to make a pit-stop at Menards so I could pick up some hooks to make more of these beauties. No they don't look like much, but I've had people offer me up to $30 for a set of them. Hello entrepreneurship! If people are willing to buy them I'm going to continue to make them. I originally built it for myself as we've been in need of a new coat rack and I didn't like anything I could buy so I wanted to make my own but turns out it didn't fit into the space I wanted it to go. Moral of the story, posted to a group on fbook that I wanted to sell it as it didn't fit and people were all over it like hotcakes wanting to buy it from me. So, hoping to make and sell more!! After stopping at Menards me and Trav decided to just hang out and skrew around in town for awhile. We stopped at a couple different places and just had a super relaxed Sunday spending time together. Something I've learned to cherish as we rarely get a day to ourselves. We picked up some needed items and also some un-needed but useful items. Had a delicious supper date at my fav place, Chipotles, and then headed home so this girl could finish up some "oh so exciting" insurance homework.

This weekend was filled with excitement and fellowship with people who mean the most to me. I loved it but could use a day to myself to catch up on the never ending housework and maybe even get back to projects and making supper once in awhile. I lost track of meal planning and I need to force myself to get back into the Friday night grocery shopping routine. Wish me luck!

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