Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Review

This weekend was mostly filled with making money! Saturday was filled with a craft show, and then a little bit of relax time. The craft show went amazing as always. Usually we're hosting shows so we never have time to actually talk with vendors and browse but this time I wasn't in charge so it was fun to just be a vendor and not worry about what others need help with! I did great sales and sold almost half of my stock so I ended up with a ton of cash in pocket in the end.

Then Sunday was filled with a craft show in Geneva which was somewhat unsuccessful. I hate to admit it but Velata isn't going as awesome as the company expected it too. I was kind of skeptical of it when they first announced it but I didn't want to give up on a company that's done so much for me so I stayed loyal and ordered my starter kit. This is my second official show I've done with Velata and this show had zero business. I had several take cards and one last minute came up to me and wanted info about hosting a party but she was from Grand Island so I'm not sure I'll ever hear back from her again. I think from now on I won't participate in paid shows with Velata but if someone offers me a spot for free I'll attend and sit through a whole day of boring-ness.

After the craft show I rushed to Wilber to pick up half our group then traveled to Plymouth to meet up with the rest of the crew for youth group. The gracious Rumbah's served us a healthy dinner of pizza, chips, cake and pop. After we had supper we played a game called "I went to church camp and I brought with me." We used to play this game when we went camping and it was so fitting that we played it yesterday evening. Basically the first person starts and they choose something that starts with an A, the next repeats the A object and finds something that starts with B. The game continues until you get all the way to Z. What did we bring to church camp you ask? Well, here was our list:
Hot Sauce
Nile (hard to throw this in your backpack but he said he'd try)
Quaker Oats
U-Boat (another one that'd be hard to bring)
Vet (for all those animal we brought with us)
Wal-Mart (again, hard to bring, but he insisted)

Oh, then we did a sweet game of hot potato except we used baby food instead. Whoever it stopped on had to take a swig of the foods. Some were yummy, some were gross. Final death round included chugging the rest of the bottles down. I felt bad as they both were on the verge of puking as one we mixed with chips and the other was watered down with pop. We also took time to discuss our plan of action for what we were all planning with our toy drive. If you have toys you'd like to donate let me know! We'd love to take more up to Epworth Village to give to those in need!

Yes, then I went home and worked on homework that was due at midnight also in case you were wondering. Lame but it was due and I was slacking on getting it done. I of course had Breaking Amish on in the background also...

This weekend was crazy busy and I had absolutely no time for me or the house. I feel bad and I'm praying that no one stops by, because they will think we live like undomesticated animals but well, that's life and that's just the way we live anymore it appears!

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