Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#87 from 101 in 1001

87. Comment on fifteen random blogs

Well, I started doing it and then realized it's not as hard as I thought it would be! It was actually kind of fun to! It helped to get more followers also so that's an added bonus that will help cross off other items on my list of 101's. Here's are the blogs I've commented on, randomly. Some, I fell in absolute love with too! If you'd like to check them out please do!!
  1. The Ranch Wife Chronicles
  2. Monzanita's
  3. Joy Inexpressible
  4. Mom On Timeout
  5. Away For The Weekend
  6. Life on the Funny Farm
  7. Life In My Empty Nest
  8. Within My Focus
  9. Away For The Weekend
  10. The Wilderness Wife
  11. Bourbon & Glitter
  12. Life with 5 Monsters!
  13. On Being Outnumbered
  14. Too Timid & Squeamish
  15. Life As Mrs. Skinner


Comments are the most flattering form of letting me know you're reading along! In the blogging world these comments are bigger than "likes" and "retweets" and while you guys are all super awesome forgive me if it takes a couple days to get back to ya'll. I want to make sure I get back to each and every one of you! If you have a specific question by all means PLEASE email me ( Plus, you'll get a faster response from me! Thankie again for reading along and don't forget to Keep On, Keepin Up!