Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Coma

Sorry this post will be confusing, I'm still in what I'd like to call a Christmas Coma. Basically I'm lacking work ethics and want to be cuddled up in bed at home, playing with all my new toys and watching all of my DVR'd Christmas shows! But, the show must go on and I must trudge forward and work through the day, hoping and praying that it goes quick and painlessly. Today I might be posting 2-3 if not more posts just to catch up on the hectic week I took off and spent time with family and friends. Bare with me people, I promise I'll be back to posting one post a day here soon!

How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was more than fabulous, it was one of the best holiday season's I've had in quite awhile! We successfully made it through 8, yup, you read that right, EIGHT, Christmas' and didn't die. We got a million goodies and, I got some of my best presents to date! I'm seriously in love with everything I got aaaand we checked a couple items off my list of 101 in 1001 that I've been wanting to own. Bonus! I was so blessed this year, and spoiled by family and friends. It amazes me how my family knows exactly what I love and this year I was so excited about all of my presents, not one of them will be re-gifted! ;)

We even had enough time to squeeze in two church services, Crete's and Wilber's. Now, I'm a little bias because I obviously LOVE my church but the service in Crete was kind of fun. They had a bell choir, which I've never heard of until we went with his Grandma (she plays in it) and it was really neat. Then on to my church service. We did a really cool "flash mob" where the choir members sat randomly and we stood up together to start our song then went to the front halfway through the song to finish it. The wow factor is always there when we do that, and it was cool to just randomly stand up to sing! Loved church and the reminder of the season.

On another note, I got a new Nikon camera, and I'm seriously in love with it. I of course, was the little kid who didn't want to open the rest of my presents because I was too excited to play with this one so, here I was, on Christmas day, playing with it. Snapping pictures like crazy, but loving every second of it. I'm adding some of my fav's for you guys to see.

Hoping everyone enjoyed the holidays as much as we did! Even little Bubba (Red) was allowed to come in the house on Christmas day for a little while. He got spoiled, enjoyed a can of wet dog food, a couple treats and the luxury of a heated house. Until it was time to head to the next event. Then we shoved his butt back out in the cold.

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