Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Presents

Woohoo! Mark one in the books! This year I've actually got a COOL present that was kind of homemade. Now don't be spreading rumors or spilling the beans on this one but I've finally finished up the "book" I'm making for the Nerud's. It's actually kind of cool! I figured I'd be safe posting it on here because no one in that family (no offense) know's how to operate a computer let alone find my blog or click on the link. It's just so fun not to share though. HERE'S THE LINK to the book. If you're bored and want to order it go for it, but it's probably meaningless to you unless you helped or participated in harvest with us. Mixbook was super simple to work with and I've actually been working on some other project I soon hope to publish as well. I love this idea and with my ever changing life these are simple to make but they're so much more meaningful than a printed picture in a frame. These can be brag books that they can take with them to show other's what's going on around the farm.


  1. Uh-hum, I know how to figure out the computer, I read your blogs & I found the link!
    Michelle ;)


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