Friday, December 14, 2012

Farming On The Four's

This might be the final post for Farming On The Four's until Spring as there's really not a whole lot to report over the winter month's. Unless you want to hear about which tractor's got pulled apart to get fixed and which ones were sold off for new ones?

We've been busy putting on anhydrous and doing dirt work to prep the fields as much as we can for next year's crop. The dirt work consists of making waterways, fixing areas that could potentially wash out, making new ditches and all that jazz. Also, we were busy a week or two ago creating electric fence for the cows to be corralled in. We usually put cattle out on stocks so it's basically free feed for us but we also do compensate and feed bales to them as they're lazy and do need some supplemental feed. And, we're pulling out some old crappy fence lines. Usually these activities take place once the major work is done so since we haven't had snow lately and we're caught up on the need-to-do's we're lucky enough that we get to pull some junk out in prep for new fence.

This year's crop wasn't extremely profitable but that was expected with maybe two rains in a 90 day period. It was a tough year for all farmers and I'm sure that those who couldn't make ends meet will be trying to find a way to compensate for the lost income. It'll be interesting to see if farms come up for sale.

Here is a cool photo I put together of pictures I took during harvest. During the summer I didn't feel like going out and taking the photos but now that I've seen how much fun it is to put them all together I'm promising myself (and you readers) that next year I'll try better to focus on snapping at least on the four's if not once a week. I really wish I would have snapped a shot right before harvest but evidently I got too busy and didn't keep up. I'm thinking maybe next year I'll do corn instead? What do you guys think?!

So, if you don't see photos from our farm and the four's what would you like to see in it's place? I suppose I could post on specific farming ideas? No-till options, RTU products, Round-Up ready crops, GMO's (and how they're not gonna kill you), heck, maybe I'll even post about how much it really costs to actually farm ground?! You guys would be quite surprised and quite educated if I gave you all the knowledge it really takes to operate a farm (and make a profit off of it).

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