Monday, December 17, 2012

God & Guns Are NOT the Problems

So, everyone else has voiced their opinion and I guess I'll post mine... There's pictures and sayings going around about "gun control and putting God in schools". Well #1, the gun did not walk into that situation and say hmm, I'm bored I wanna pull my trigger and cause mass chaos and sorrow. The person that pulled the trigger did. He made a conscious choice to hurt innocent people. Do we take away knives too since those have been found the culprit in murders as well, or what about poison, or string, or even firecrackers? The killers are psycho enough to go to wits ends to find a weapon to harm others. They're not exactly law abiding citizens themselves. And #2, studying God in school isn't the problem. Yes encouraging young students to love God is great but shouldn't that be your job as a parent? Shouldn't "living the word" be part of your duties to fulfill, to teach them about God and let that pour into their everyday lives? It shouldn't be our teachers job to teach them what you, as a parent, should be instilling in them for life long practice. Your child has every right to believe in God and voice that but the teachers just aren't allowed to push their opinion on your child. God is allowed in your schools, he just isn't brought up in American History or Math class. That doesn't mean he stopped at the door and said, sorry kiddos, can't pray for you anymore. He still follows your children and teachers but he just doesn't move mountains within the school system. Ok, got that off my chest. Now, go thank your teachers and others that help to keep your children safe. They after all, do everything they can with their God given powers to keep your devil children under control since you can't teach them morals, values and respect anyways ;) (not all children are like that but for the most part it seems like it!)

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