Sunday, December 30, 2012

Improving In The New Year

Well, I'm really not into the "let's set New Year's goals" thing because I feel like it shouldn't take you a whole year to procrastinate. Buuuut, this year I want to try something. Besides my 101 in 1001 list I'd like to try to keep better track of my spending.  Let's break my list down.

-CAN MORE VEGGIES & FRUITS. Ugh, this one I always have good intentions of doing, but well, I typically fall short at the end of the growing season.
-IMPROVE MY GARDEN With the more canning comes keeping my garden prettier! That means I need to get in there before the weeds take over. I was doing great on that last year until the busy time of Czech Days and fairs took over. I promise to do a better job this year!
-TRACK ALL EXPENSES I'm not just talking my grocery expenses here, I'm talking in depth like bring out the excel spread sheets and organizing binders with inserts. I want to see exactly how much I spend a month on groceries, fast food, dining out, cable, internet, phones. You name it, I wanna know how much we're really spending. Then once I get a full year's worth of expenses and income recorded, I'll be able to base my 2014 budget off of this and of course, challenge myself to spend less and find ways to cut corners.
-COMPLETE MORE PINTEREST PROJECTS Pretty self explanatory, I would love to think that I'm more crafty and fun since I'm almost done with school and I've got a new camera. Let's hope I follow through on it ;)
-INSTEAD OF BUYING QUICK MIX BOXED GOODS, MAKE MY OWN How simple yet challenging! I know we all buy those boxed cake mixes, or hamburger helpers, or even those fruit gummies. My intentions are to try my luck at making some of these goodies myself (with the help of Pinterest).
-COOK MORE, RE-HEAT LESS I'm talking pizzas, hamburger helpers, that junk that we really need to cut out. I'm really wanting to try my hand at making homemade meals more often. It's quick and convenient to just pull it out of the freezer, but we all know just buying to stock the freezer with these items can be costly.
-USE OVER $500 IN COUPONS It's possible, last year in couponing and price matching I saved over $600 so to hopefully use $500 in coupons shouldn't be too difficult. (read my previous post, 2012 Coupon Savings, I showed you proof of $417 in savings!) I'm just hoping that I remember to record when I actually use them, but if I am already recording our expenses then it shouldn't be too difficult to record them.

So, what are some things you'd like to improve on in your household? Anything similar? I think as a whole, we're all trying to get back to the basic's but with all these easy accessible pre-baked goods sometimes it's hard to really find a starting point. I mean, let's be honest, if I handed a teen a bag of flour, a couple cups of sugar, some vanilla extract, a raw pound of hamburger and some spices and told them to make something for me to eat they'd probably freak and "google it" to see what's possible ;)

Well, we haven't had a full year to really get a good feel for what's popular on my blog but according to my stats the things that have been the most interesting for my blog thus far include my posts Farming On The Four's, Zucchini Pie Recipe, Kelsey's Grocery Store and Tabor Hall Plowing Bee. Jeez, I guess that just goes to show that I'm know for Farming, Cooking and Couponing! (PS, those are kind of the direction I was going for on this lil bloggy blog!) Also, I've had over 16,500 page views this year! Golly Wally, that really is the bee's knee's!

Oh, and have a Happy New Year's everyone!! I cannot wait to see where we'll be at the end of 2013 here on Keeping Up With Kelsey. I can only hope (and pray) this my blog will blossom more and be twice as big as it is now! Again, thank you one and all who follow me, it really means the world to me! I'm hoping in 2013 to add more fun projects, more couponing advice and educate everyone on the world of agriculture!


  1. Stopping by from Latte and a Prayer! I love the tracking expenses goal, I could definitely benefit from that! Good luck with all your goals, and Happy New Year's Eve!

    1. Eeek! Thanks, I really hope I can "follow through" on the tracking thing! My hopes are that I save receipts and try to catch up on the weekends. Let's just keep our fingers crossed I attempt to keep up!


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